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Mike Gravel talks about Palin, his new TV show, pot and more on The Young Turks

On April 30, Mike Gravel – who was a contender for the Libertarian Party’s presidential nomination in 2008 – took part in an interview on the online news show The Young Turks.  Much of the interview focused on a television show Gravel is working to produce called “I Like Mike.”  According to Gravel, it will be a satire with the premise that he has been elected president and the direct democracy which he advocates for has been implemented.… Read more ...

‘I Like Mike’: Direct Democracy Meets ‘Reality’ TV

Joe Mathews reports:

Former U.S. Sen. Mike Gravel (D-Alaska), the leading proponent of a national initiative process, wrote recently to supporters about his new enterprise: a TV show called “I Like Mike” in which Gravel is president. From Gravel’s missive:

“Earlier this fall Eliot Fisher, a creative young writer from New Mexico,
asked if I was interested in doing a TV comedy series, a sharp satire on
the political establishment, via the fantasy of a Mike Gravel
presidential administration, a cross between the political drama of The
West Wing (in fact we will be using all of the West Wing sets) and the
melancholy comic realism of The Office (with an occasional hint of the
absurdity of Dr.… Read more ...