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Posts tagged as “Ian Bernard”

Libertarian radio show host is threatened with jail for discussing a Marijuana protest on the air

From the LP of Colorado Blog:

Ian Freeman, host of the nationally syndicated libertarian/voluntaryist radio show and podcast “free talk live”, broadcast out of Keene New Hampshire where Ian has relocated to in an effort to support the Free State Project.… Read more ...

Free State libertarians upset with Barr nomination hold mock funeral for Libertarian Party

New Hampshire libertarians who feel that the nomination of former Republican Bob Barr has “killed” the Libertarian Party held a mock funeral on July 20. Some of the participants included Ian Bernard of FreeTalkLive and Seth Cohn, who banged on the LP’s coffin and screamed, “For the love of God, no!”… Read more ...

Free Talk Live host: Mary Ruwart ‘my hero’

Although Free Talk Live host, Ian Bernard, reportedly quit the Libertarian Party amid Corygate, he has nonetheless issued a ringing endorsement of Mary Ruwart for the LP’s presidential nomination.

“Mary Ruwart is my hero. LP presidential races are about communicating the message of liberty, and Mary is one of the best at doing just that!”

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