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Posts tagged as “Ignacio Ramos”

Chuck Baldwin on Lou Dobbs


Chuck Baldwin appeared tonight on the Lou Dobbs show for a couple of minutes accompanied by Monica Ramos, the wife of imprisoned border patrol agent Ignacio Ramos. Lou Dobbs is hosting a series of shows called the “Independent Convention”, where he accuses the two major parties of colluding the destroy our country via open borders and mass, unrestricted, migration.… Read more ...

Darrell Castle to address secure border activists

Darrell Castle, the vice-presidential candidate of the Constitution Party, will be addressing “Operation Secure America Now“, a secure border advocacy rally which is being held in Boulevard, California on the July 4th weekend. The event is being sponsored and organized by a variety of anti-illegal immigration groups in California like Save Our State, California Coalition for Immigration Reform, Veterans for Secure Borders, and the California Minutemen.… Read more ...