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2010 LP Candidate: Gingrich Made His Own Bed

A response by William J. Malan to a news report about the failure of Newt Gingrich (and Rick Perry) to make the Virginia ballot:

As someone who ran as a Libertarian for Attorney General in Illinois in 2010, I am ROTFLMAO at Newt’s latest SNAFU.

In 2010, the LP of Illinois gathered about 30,000 signatures to make sure we had 15,000 valid ones.

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Washington Times: It’s a good year for independents

(excerpt from) The Washington Times
3rd-party candidates could tip tight races
It’s ‘good year for independents

by Valerie Richardson / October 24, 2010

Even political junkies might not be able to identify LeAlan Jones, Shawn Moody, Scott Ashjian and Ceci Iglesias, but all four could have a major effect on the political balance of power after Election Day.

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