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Darcy Richardson Discusses the Alliance Party

Historian Darcy Richardson, an IPR contributor, is still seeking the presidential nomination of the Reform Party, however, a new party in the works has grabbed his attention.

The Alliance Party, founded in 2018 with a merger of the American Moderates Party, the Modern Whig Party, the American Party of South Carolina, and later joined by the Independence Party of Minnesota, the American Alliance Party, and the Independent Party of Connecticut, plans to pick a presidential ticket April 25 in an online convention. Read more ...

Evan McMullin is Minnesota Independence Party Nominee, Gains Ballot Access in Colorado


By Adam Seaman, published at American Third Party Report earlier today:

The Minnesota Independence Party Executive Committee chose Independent Evan McMullin as it’s candidate yesterday.  Evan McMullin has received a great deal of national media coverage lately as the conservative alternative to Republican nominee Donald Trump.  Now the party has to gather 2,000 signatures to get on the ballot in Minnesota.… Read more ...

Independent Party of Oregon and Independence Party of Minnesota to Attempt to Form Centrist Party Coalition

Independence_Party_Minnesota__2 (1)Press release from the Independence Party of Minnesota:

Leaders of the Independent Party of Oregon and the Independence Party of Minnesota have reached a “broad strokes” agreement on joining together to form a national coalition of moderate and centrist third parties.  The parties will convene a national teleconference this summer to discuss joint nomination of a candidate for President. … Read more ...

Minnesota Libertarians: Just Say No to Jesse Ventura

As he does every four years, former Minnesota governor Jesse Ventura has recently publicly mulled a run for the presidency of the United States. This time, he says any such run would take place on the Libertarian Party’s ballot line.

The Libertarian Party of Minnesota’s executive committee isn’t buying. In a press release issued this morning, the LPNM EC states:

Due to conflict and contrast to core principles of the Libertarian Party of Minnesota, including but not limited to his proven legacy of government growth having measurable negative economic impacts that last to this day, the LPMN Executive Committee hereby declares that former (Reform Party/Independence Party) Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura, shall not receive support from this body at any point in his potential bid to become the 2016 Presidential nominee of the Libertarian National Committee.

Read more ...

Minnesota LP Vice Chair Interview Draws Criticism from Minnesota IP Candidate

Libertarian Party of Minnesota vice chair S.L. Malleck was recently interviewed by Cyndy Brucato of MinnPost, following their incorrectly identifying libertarian Republican activist Bill Jungbauer as a Libertarian. The Malleck interview mainly explains the LP’s ideology and differentiates the LP from the Republicans. An excerpt:

MP: Why do some Republicans describe themselves as libertarian?

Read more ...

Minnesota Independence Party Gets Attention for Having Deez Nuts Appear at Party’s Booth at Minnesota State Fair

deeznutsipFrom Richard Winger at Ballot Access News:

On Saturday, September 5, Deez Nuts (alias Brady Olson) appeared at the Minnesota Independence Party’s booth at the Minnesota state fair. That was good for some publicity for the party. Even the Washington Post took note, as this column attests.

From the article cited, written by Aaron Blake:

Third parties have been known to ally with celebrities or even quasi-celebrities like young Mr.… Read more ...

City Pages Article on Deez Nuts Seeking the Independence Party of Minnesota’s Endorsement

Excerpt from “Could Deez Nuts hang at the Minnesota State Fair?” by Michael Rietmulder at City Pages:

[Mark] Meyer, who chairs the Independence Party of Minnesota, confirms that Mr. Nuts emailed his crew seeking an endorsement. At the time, they had no idea Nuts was only an armpit hair past puberty.… Read more ...

Paula Overby on Transgender Values

From Paula Overby at the Independence Party of Minnesota website:

As the first Transgender woman to run for U.S Congress I feel that it is appropriate for me to respond to the recent interview by Diane Sawyer with former Olympic Decathlon champion Bruce Jenner about his transgender identity. There will, of course, be intense debate about his legitimacy and motives particularly with his long standing presence in the media on “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” which attempts to create a modern day montage of the ideal American family.… Read more ...

North Dakota Ballot Access Bill Loses on House Floor by Vote of 37-55

From Richard Winger at Ballot Access News:

On February 19, the North Dakota House defeated HB 1260 by a vote of 37-55. It would have eliminated the minimum vote test for a candidate to be considered nominated in a party primary. North Dakota is the only state that says it isn’t enough for a candidate in a partisan primary to poll the most votes; the candidate, even if unopposed, must also poll a certain minimum number of votes.… Read more ...

Phil Fuehrer: Cult of Personality? Not Exactly

From Phil Fuehrer at the Independence Party of Minnesota website:

The Independence Party has often been criticized as being a party perpetually in search of the next big name to run for office. Moving from Jesse Ventura, to Tim Penny, to Peter Hutchinson, Dean Barkley, Tom Horner etc., etc. A secondary criticism has been that the IP’s ideology simply shifts with the candidate du election-saison.… Read more ...

Several Single-State Parties Score High Vote Totals, Minnesota IP Loses Party Status

This report outlines some strong (and not-so-strong) performances turned in by political parties that are currently active in only one state:

In Hawaii, Hawaii Independent Party candidate Mufi Hannemann won more than 11% of the vote in his race for Governor.

In Massachusetts, United Independent Party candidate Evan Falchuk appears to have come in third in his race for Governor with more than 3% of the vote.… Read more ...

Uncovered Politics: Will 2014 Be Remembered as a Breakout Year?

By Austin Cassidy at Uncovered Politics:

October 29, 2014 5:54 pm

As recently as a few weeks ago it looked like we were heading for a record year for third party and independent candidates in the modern era. Independents in South Dakota, Kansas, Maine and Alaska all seemed like they had victory within their grasp.… Read more ...