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Constitution Party Congressional Nominee Outpolled Democratic Opponent in 2 Counties

From Richard Winger at Ballot Access News:

At the November 4, 2014 election, Constitution Party congressional nominee Janine Hansen outpolled her Democratic opponent in Elko and Eureka Counties. In the second district as a whole, Hansen polled 6.33% and the Democrat, Kristen Spees, polled 27.93%.

In Elko County, Hansen received 1,504 votes and Spees received 1,326.… Read more ...

Ballot Access News: Minor Parties Have a Lot Riding on Their Percentage of the Vote on November 4

From Richard Winger at Ballot Access News:

One of the reasons the November 4 election is suspenseful is because there are so many states in which it is difficult to predict whether various minor parties will poll enough votes to obtain, or keep, recognized party status.

Alabama: although no minor party candidate has any candidates on the ballot for statewide office, parties can also obtain recognized party status, for county office only, if they poll 20% of the vote for a countywide county office.… Read more ...

Nevada gubernatorial candidate stands with Cliven Bundy

David Lory VanderBeek, the Independent American Party (Constitution Party affiliate) candidate for governor:

VanderBeek posted a picture of himself with Cliven Bundy on his Facebook page:

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Independent American Party of Nevada Opposes Military Action in Syria

From Cody Quirk:

This alert was sent out by the Independent American Party and we invite all Nevadans and Americans to join us in opposing military action in Syria. Independent American Party 186 Ryndon Unit 12, Elko, Nevada 89801 Elko: 775-397-6859, Carson: 775-883-2752, Las Vegas 702-612-7316 www.iapn.org

September 4, 2013

For Immediate Release:

Independent American Party Urges Congress to Vote NO on Military Action in Syria

“The Independent American Party urges Nevada’s Congressional Delegation to oppose authorization of military action in Syria.… Read more ...

New Nevada Data Showing Voter Registration By Party Released

From Ballot Access News, July 3, 2013:

The Secretary of State of Nevada issues monthly tallies for the number of registered voters in each party. This news story notes that the Libertarian Party is the only one of Nevada’s four ballot-qualified parties that gained registrants during June. The number of independent voters, like the number of voters in the Democratic, Republican, and Independent American Parties, also declined during June. … Read more ...

RGJ.com: Leaders of Independent American and Green parties of Nevada discuss their parties

Published on RGJ.com on May 6th: 

Lynn Chapman of the Independent American Party (CP affiliate): Lynn Chapman, Washoe County chairman of the Independent American Party, talks about why she joined the party and what makes it different from other parties.

David Gibson of the Green Party of Nevada: David Gibson is co-chairman of the Green Party of Nevada.… Read more ...

Clarion Call To Unite Committee (CCTUC) Releases Status Report And Announcement

The following was posted today by Constitution Party activist Cody Quirk on the Clarion Call to Unite Committee (CCTUC) website (http://clarioncalltounitecommittee.blogspot.com/). Several articles about the CCTUC have already been published on IPR. The goal of the organization “is to bring all Constitutionalist and Principled-Conservative political parties in harmony and work towards the formation, and eventual creation, of a permanent and united national party.”Read more ...

Nevadans Opt for Non-Partisan Status in Increasing Numbers

This article in the Las Vegas Sun cites recent voter registration statistics and points out that the number of non-partisan voters is on the rise, increasing the importance of that voting block.

“Nonpartisan” — sometimes called “independent” in other states — voters have reached their highest share since 1985, which is as far back as available voter registration data goes.

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John DeTar, IAP Leader in Nevada, Passes Away

John DeTar helped to co-found the Independent American Party in 1968 as a vehicle for the candidacy of then-Governor George Wallace. He was the founder of the Reno chapter of the John Birch Society and a fixture in right-wing politics in Nevada for decades. He passed away last month at the age of 86.… Read more ...

Third Party Voter Registration Statistics in NV, CA, AK, and NY

Nevada’s most recent voter registration statistics were posted in October of 2011.

Green Party: 3,033 (0.27%)
Independent American Party: 51,535 (4.55%)
Libertarian Party: 7,111 (0.63%)
Non-Partisan: 181,960 (16.05%)
Other: 3,945 (0.35%)


California’s most recent voter registration statistics are from February 2011.

American Independent Party: 417,567 (2.43%)
Green Party: 113,118 (0.66%)
Libertarian Party: 92,246 (0.54%)
Peace and Freedom Party: 58,470 (0.34%)
Other: 121,019 (0.70%)
No Party Preference: 3,507,119 (20.41%)


Alaska’s most recent voter registration statistics are from

Alaskan Independence Party: 14,866 (3.01%)
Libertarian Party: 8,073 (1.64%)
Non-Partisan: 80, 833 (16.38%)
Undeclared: 183,045 (37.08%)
Constitution Party: 29 (.01%)
Green Party: 2,130 (0.43%)
Veterans Party: 1,427 (0.29%)


New York’s latest registration statistics were reported on November 1, 2011.… Read more ...

Nevada Voter Registration Update: Third Parties and Independents Make Gains

Nevada Voter Registration Numbers as of January of 2011–the second percentage is from January of last year.

Democrat: 564,681 (42.77% down from 43.51%)

Green: 4,060 (.31% up from .30%)

Independent American: 60,156 (4.56% up from 4.32%)

Libertarian: 8,434 (.64% up from .61%)

Non-partisan: 214,481 (16.25% up from 15.74%)

Other: 4,861 (.37% virtually no movement from .37%)

Republican: 463,397 (35.10% down from 35.14%)

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Nevada Legislator Has IAP Ties

Ira Hansen is a former plumber, radio talk show host, and newspaper columnist. He is also part of the freshman class of Republican members of Nevada’s House of Representatives. Hansen is known as a conservative and his last name is virtually synonymous with the state’s Independent American Party–which for years was composed mainly of members of the Hansen family.… Read more ...