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Wayne Root: The Citizen Revolution Has Begun!

 Post-Election Analysis

The Citizen Revolution Has Begun!

Any Attempt to Pass Universal Healthcare Now will Damage the Obama Presidency Beyond Repair…and Result in Unrest in the Streets.

Las Vegas Oddsmaker-Turned-Vice Presidential-Nominee Predicted Scott Brown Victory in Massachusetts…and Now Makes More Controversial Political Predictions.

Last Night’s Big Winners: Tea Parties, Conservatives, Libertarians, Small Business Owners, the Cop from Cambridge, and Hillary Clinton.Read more ...

Many Texas Independent Candidates for Congress File Notice of Intent

Ballot Access News:

Texas has a uniquely restrictive law for independent candidates (for office other than president). It requires them to file a notice in early January, if they intend to petition for a place on the ballot. Petitioning itself can’t start in Texas until after the primary, but anyone who didn’t file the January notice has already given up the chance to try to circulate a petition later in the year.… Read more ...