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Constitution Party’s J.R. Myers Talks About Continuing His Presidential Campaign, Possible Russian Invasion

From Cody Quirk at American Third Party Report:

Posted by Judy onwriteindependent.org

John Richard (J.R.) Myers lives in Alaska and works as a behavioral health professional. He’s on the ballot as a candidate for the American Independent Party in the California June 7th primary and as a write-in for the Independent Party of Oregon for President of the United States.… Read more ...

Independent Party of Oregon and Independence Party of Minnesota to Attempt to Form Centrist Party Coalition

Independence_Party_Minnesota__2 (1)Press release from the Independence Party of Minnesota:

Leaders of the Independent Party of Oregon and the Independence Party of Minnesota have reached a “broad strokes” agreement on joining together to form a national coalition of moderate and centrist third parties.  The parties will convene a national teleconference this summer to discuss joint nomination of a candidate for President. … Read more ...

Libertarian Party of Kentucky, and Constitution Party of Kentucky, File Lawsuit on Definition of “Party”

From Richard Winger at Ballot Access News:

On December 4, the Libertarian Party and the Constitution Party filed a lawsuit against the Kentucky definition of a qualified party. The case is Libertarian Party of Kentucky v Grimes, e.d. 3:15cv-86.

Kentucky is the only state in which it is impossible for a party to ever be ballot-qualified until it polls a particular share of the vote for President.… Read more ...

Former Oregon State Rep. Jim Thompson Eyes Comeback as Independent Party Candidate

From Jeff Mapes at Oregon Live:

Former state Rep. Jim Thompson, who lost his seat in the Republican primary last year, said Friday he wants to run again for the legislature under the banner of the Independent Party of Oregon.

Thompson, a Dallas resident who served three terms before he was defeated by Mike Nearman, switched to the Independent Party before a key deadline on Thursday.… Read more ...

Oregon Newspaper Story Says 34 Registered Members of Independent Party Have Already Been Elected to Non-Partisan Office

From Richard Winger at Ballot Access News:

This Portland Tribune story says 34 members of the Oregon Independent Party have been elected to non-partisan office, during the eight years the party has been in existence. The story focuses on Larry Morgan, a member of the party who is on the city council of Troutdale.… Read more ...

Eugene, Oregon Newspaper Endorses Independent Party’s Idea to Send All Three Primary Ballots to New Voters

independent-oregonFrom Richard Winger at Ballot Access News:

The Eugene, Oregon daily newspaper, the Register-Guard, here editorializes in favor of an idea first proposed by the Independent Party of Oregon. Currently the Democratic and Republican Parties of Oregon do not let independent voters vote in their primaries, but the Independent Party does.… Read more ...

Oregon Independent Party to Unaffiliated Voters: Don’t Worry, You Can Vote In Our Primary

From Shawn M. Griffiths at the Independent Voter Network:

The Independent Party of Oregon (IPO), which recently gained major-party status in the state, has reportedly told Oregon’s secretary of state that it will allow unaffiliated voters to participate in its state-funded primary election. Imagine the irony if it didn’t.… Read more ...

Op-Ed Discusses Independent Party of Oregon’s Impact on 2016 Election

independent-oregonFrom Richard Winger at Ballot Access News:

This op-ed in The Oregonian discusses the Independent Party’s impact on the Oregon elections of 2016. The author, Tim Nesbitt, speculates that because the Independent Party will probably have a government-administered primary, and because the Oregon Independent Party will let independent voters vote in its primary, that may put pressure on the two major parties to also let independent voters vote in their primaries.… Read more ...

Independent Party of Oregon Appears to have Qualified for its own Government Primary

independent-oregonFrom Richard Winger at Ballot Access News:

The Oregon January 2015 registration tally shows that the Independent Party has 109,349 registered members. Oregon law says a party with 5% of the statewide registration is entitled to its own government-administered primary. The calculation uses a denominator from the statewide total at the most recent gubernatorial election.… Read more ...

Ballot Access News Article on the Likelihood of a New “Independent Party” in Louisiana

Richard Winger at Ballot Access News:

According to this article, it is likely that a ballot-qualified Independent Party will soon come into existence in Louisiana. Louisiana permits groups to become ballot-qualified parties if they have at least 1,000 registered members, and pay a one-time fee of $1,000.

There are approximately 80,000 voters who wrote in “Independent” on the voter registration forms, in the blank that asks the applicant to choose a party.… Read more ...

Oregon Independent Party Legislative Nominee in November 2010 Set 80-Year Record

Ballot Access News:

On November 2, the Oregon Independent Party nominee for State Representative, 48th district, polled 42.71% of the vote in a two-person race against the incumbent Democrat. The Independent Party nominee was Jeff Caton, a professional financial planner. Although Oregon permits fusion, Caton was not the nominee of any party other than the Independent Party.… Read more ...

OR Pacific Greens Fear Spoiling Race, Decline to Run Gubernatorial Candidate

Jeff Mapes of The Oregonian provides some interesting news from the recent Pacific Green nominating convention in Oregon:

The Greens met in Portland on Saturday and discussed having Eugene resident Candy Neville run for governor.  Instead, it was decided that a “US Senate run was best for her,” according the minutes of the meeting.

Read more ...