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Laurence Vance: ‘Am I Being Unfair to the Republican Liberty Caucus?’

H/T Marc Montoni. Laurence Vance writes at LewRockwell.com about whether the Republican Liberty Caucus is ideologically libertarian (excerpt):

I was primarily attacking the worthless and evil GOP and only secondarily criticizing the RLC for the dishonest postcard. My first criticism was: “It says that the Republican Party ‘won big on libertarian themes’ in the recent election.

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Austin Cassidy: Charlie Crist’s Best Chance is to Become an ‘Independent Republican’

Excerpted from an editorial in the Jacksonville, Florida Observer by former IPR editor Austin Cassidy:

Charlie Crist made a difficult decision earlier today when he vetoed Senate Bill 6, the Republican-backed measure that would have tied student performance to teacher pay.

The driving force behind the bill was State Senator John Trasher, who serves double-duty as Chairman of the Florida GOP.

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