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Independents Outnumber Republicans, Gain on Democrats in Broward County, Florida

From The Shark Tank via Third Party and Independent Daily:

In what amounts to an embarrassing piece of news for the Republican Party in Florida, the number of people in Broward County registered as Republicans now trails both Registered Democrats AND Registered Independents. Broward Republicans now trail that highly organized political party, affectionately known as “Other” by close to 1000 votes.… Read more ...

CA Registration Data: All Political Parties Except Democrats Increase Their Share

from Ballot Access News
New California Registration Data: All Political Parties Except Democrats Increase Their Share

October 29th, 2010

On October 29, the California Secretary of State released new registration data, as of October 18.  This was the first data since the September 3 tally.

The percentages for each qualified party, and for the Reform Party as well, are below. 

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Libertarian David Nolan: ‘Arizona’s U.S. Senate Race Offers a Unique Opportunity’

David Nolan at Libertarian Party blog:

Perhaps more than any other contest this year, the battle for the seat currently held by John McCain offers an opportunity to contrast the ideas of liberty with the big-government philosophy that now dominates the GOP.

Arizona held its primary election on August 24, and the results are interesting, to say the least.Read more ...

Independent Voters and “Broken Government”

Joe Gandelman writes at the Moderate Voice:

Is American government now “broken?” And, if so, how do independent voters view this and is there anything they can do to correct it? Those are some of the questions raised by CNN anchor Don Lemon in a segment on Sunday.

I was on the independent voter panel along with Omar Ali, historian and independent, voting analyst and Nicole Kurokawa, an independent voting analyst in Washington.… Read more ...

Keyes Faction of California American Independent Party Likely to Exclude Independents from Voting in Party’s Primary

Ballot Access News:

The American Independent Party of California is currently split into two factions, the one which favored Alan Keyes for president in 2008, and the one that favored Chuck Baldwin for president in 2008. The California Secretary of State recognizes the Alan Keyes faction.

The Alan Keyes faction has tentatively decided to revoke the ability of independent voters to vote in AIP primaries for public office, but the party has not made a formal notification to the California Secretary of State.… Read more ...