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Andrew Halcro Seeks a Short Trip to D.C.

Andrew Halcro served two terms in the Alaska state house as a Republican from 1998 to 2002. In 2006 he waged a strong bid for governor as an independent, winning 9.5% of the vote in the general election.

Now, he’s mounting another bid for statewide office as an independent. Halcro has entered the special election to replace the late Don Young in Alaska’s at-large congressional district, but has decided against seeking a full term.… Read more ...

Alaskan U.S. House Candidate Gregg Brelsford Switches from Republican to Independent

Alaska U.S. House candidate Gregg Brelsford is switching his affiliation from the GOP to Independent. He announced his party switch in an editorial published by the Anchorage Daily News.

Brelsford is a former Manager of the Bristol Bay Borough and also previously served as an Interim City Manager of Dillingham, Alaska.… Read more ...

WATCH: Evan McMullin Seeks to ‘Mobilize This Cross-Partisan Coalition’ to Unseat Mike Lee in Utah

Progressive political talk show host Brian Tyler Cohen, who has more than 1.25 million subscribers on YouTube, interviewed independent U.S. Senate candidate Evan McMullin this week.

“Mike Lee is unpopular, a majority of Utahans want to replace him. The Democrats don’t have the votes on their own, the Republicans don’t have the votes on their own, and the independents don’t have the votes on their own.… Read more ...

Could Joe Manchin Mount a Viable Campaign for President as an Independent?

Following his recent break with the Biden administration over the Build Back Better “social infrastructure” package, some are wondering where West Virginia Democrat Joe Manchin goes next.

He’s popular in his heavily Republican home state, but deeply unpopular with the national base of his own party. And his support on the right is more a function of their enjoyment at watching Biden’s agenda struggle in Congress, not genuine affection for the man causing the president’s heartburn.… Read more ...

Max Linn: Former Reform Party Gubernatorial Nominee, Independent Senate Candidate Dead of Heart Attack

Max Linn, a colorful figure who sought elected office from a variety of different parties over the years, has died of an apparent heart attack in Maine.

Linn is likely best known to IPR readers from his 2006 campaign for governor of Florida on the Reform Party ballot line. After being excluded from the first debate with his major party opponents, Linn successfully sued his way onto the stage (at the very last second) to participate in the final televised debate.… Read more ...

Facing Trump-Backed Primary Challenger, Poll Suggests Going Independent is Baker’s Best Path to Re-Election

With former president Donald Trump backing a GOP primary challenge to the incumbent, new polling today shows Massachusetts governor Charlie Baker’s most viable path to a third term appears to be running as an independent.

According to the survey from Northwind Strategies, Baker is viewed favorably by only 23 percent of Republican general election voters and unfavorably by 68 percent.… Read more ...

Andrew Yang: ‘Breaking Up With The Democratic Party’

The following is an open letter from former Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang, who has been rumored to be on the verge of launching a new political party:

I changed my voting registration from ‘Democrat’ to ‘Independent’ today. It was a strangely emotional experience.

I registered as a Democrat back in 1995 when I was 20 years old to vote for Bill Clinton’s re-election.Read more ...

Former GOP Congressman Joe Scarborough, Now An Independent: ‘The Republican Party Cannot Be Saved’

Former Republican Congressman Joe Scarborough appeared on HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher this week and confirmed that he is done with the Republican Party.

Maher opened the interview by confirming that Scarborough considers himself an independent, and that it is his view that the Republican Party is now beyond saving.… Read more ...

Alaska State Representative Splits From GOP Caucus

A Republican member of the Alaska House of Representatives announced today that she will be serving as an “independent Republican” with no ties to either the 21-member coalition House majority (made up of Democrats and Independents) or the 18-member House Republican minority.

Representative Sara Rasmussen of Anchorage will become a caucus of one, in what appears to be a largely procedural move to secure a seat on the House Finance Committee.… Read more ...

New Mexico Legislator Quits GOP, Becomes Independent

New Mexico state representative Phelps Anderson split with his own party in a vote last week on the repeal of a 1969 law that criminalized abortion.

The Republican sided with seven Democrats on the legislature’s House Health and Human Services Committee in casting his vote to repeal the long-dormant abortion ban. 

Read more ...
Lisa Murkowski

Senator Lisa Murkowski Flirts With Independence

Alaska’s Lisa Murkowski didn’t mince words when asked about her thoughts on the embattled president. The Republican Senator has had more than enough of Donald Trump.

“I want him to resign. I want him out. He has caused enough damage,” said Murkowski in a press availability at her Capitol office on Friday.… Read more ...