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Virgil Goode quoted in National Journal article re: VA election

Speculation swirls around Virginia GOPer, Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling, running as an independent for Governor later this year. Popular conservative Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli will almost certainly be the Republican nominee. Virgil Goode, the former Constitution Party presidential candidate and a former VA GOP Congressman, observes, “I think (Cuccinelli) has got a lot of conservative support and I don’t think an independent candidate, unless they had a whole of a lot of money, would have much impact.”… Read more ...

Sobhani Scores 17% in US Senate Race in Maryland

Rob Sobhani spent more than $5 million of his own money in order to run for the US Senate in Maryland as an Independent. Sobhani faced three other candidates, the Democratic incumbent, Republican challenger, and Libertarian Party candidate Dean Ahmad.

With 99.8% of precincts reported, Sobhani has captured 17% of the vote, placing third.… Read more ...

Former Green Ben Chipman Re-Elected to Maine Legislature as Independent

Ben Chipman is a community organizer in Portland, Maine, and a former Green Party state legislator. In 2010 he switched his registration to Independent and ran for re-election as such in 2012. He was in a three-candidate race in the 119th House District in Maine and easily defeated both his Republican and Democratic opponents.… Read more ...

Independent Candidates Continue to Grow in Numbers in Rhode Island

The number of independent candidates running for various races in the state of Rhode Island has been increasing despite being a Democrat stronghold. Currently it is the only state to have an independent serving as governor, and the number of independent candidates have reached a record high of 37. Voter registration has been decreasing for the two major parties, and been increasing for independents.… Read more ...

RJ Harris: Repeal Obamacare and Restore Liberty Using Jury Nullification

RJ Harris, an independent candidate for Oklahoma’s 4th congressional district, who had sought the 2012 Libertarian Party presidential nomination,  wrote the following about the recent Supreme Court decision on healthcare:

In the very near future you are going to be called to serve on a jury and asked by the government to convict and put in prison one of your fellow Americans for refusing to comply with the mandatory health insurance tax levied against all citizens for nothing more than being alive.

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Independents in California gives way to new election dynamic


The recent Pew Research Center study points out that party identification is declining, while independents are on a dramatic incline, and that 43 percent of independents identify as squarely moderate. The future is bright for the independent movement. But the work has just begun, and we have a long road ahead.

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Independent Challenges Barbara Lee in Oakland Congressional District

As a result of California’s top two primary on June 5, four Congressional districts will see Independent candidates as the challengers to incumbents. In Alameda County Marilyn Singleton is challenging Congresswoman Barbara Lee, a Democrat associated with the Progressive Caucus.

Marilyn Singleton is running a platform of stopping the out of control spending by the federal government, ending waste and duplication of government programs, putting in a more simple tax code, and cutting government regulations to stimulate economic growth.… Read more ...

Former Assemblyman Runs In California’s 8th Congressional District

Anthony Adams is a former state lawmaker and member of the Republican Party of California. He is now a part of the largest field of candidates in any of the Congressional District races in California, and is the only Independent in the mix.

Scorching rhetoric has been the norm in the free-for-all race for California’s 8th Congressional District.

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icPurple SuperPAC Looks to Spend Major Money Backing Viable Independent Candidates

Ted Waitt is the founder of Gateway and a notable Independent who has created the icPurple SuperPAC in an effort to help fund Independent political campaigns which are winnable. He has seeded the organization with $300,000 to start running ads in some key races for Independent candidates.

A new SuperPAC has been formed to support independent candidates around the country, including Assemblyman Nathan Fletcher’s for San Diego mayor and Chad Condit’s bid for Congress. 

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Reason: Johnson Files Complaints, No Plans as Libertarian


Gary Johnson Files Complaint With the FEC and FCC, Has No Plans to Run as a Libertarian

Lucy Steigerwald | November 15, 2011

Former Gov. Gary Johnson, the guy having the world’s most frustrating presidential campaign, is joining Congressman Ron Paul in rejecting calls to run on the Libertarian Party ticket.… Read more ...

Greene: Suspending elections is no joking matter

By Brian Irving at Liberty Point:

Gov. Beverly Perdue’s comment about suspending elections was completely out of place and indefensible and she should apologize, said Jordon M. Greene, an independent candidate for the state House district 87. “Whether or not she was joking or using a hyperbole matters little in this case,” he said.… Read more ...

Gallup: Americans Give Equally Low Ratings to Both Parties in Congress


Gallup tells us 58% of Democrats approve of Dems in Congress.  Republicans give them 8%.  Average that, and you get 32%.

Independents give an approval rating to the Dems of 24%  The same story for the Republicans.

Third Party, Independent and unaffiliated voters taken as a whole, disapprove of Congress more than voters who affilate with either of the two Stale Old Parties.… Read more ...