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Will There Soon Be A Libertarian Party Of Poland?

The answer to that question increasingly seems to be yes. The Facebook page for the movement to create a Libertarian Party in Poland (Partia Libertariańska) has already garnered over 4,300 likes. Currently Poland has a party called Kongres Nowej Prawicy (Congress of the New Right) which promotes classical liberalism. They have garnered over 29,000 Facebook likes, and in the 2011 parliamentary elections in Poland secured over 151,000 votes, or 1.06% (interestingly enough, this was the same percentage of the vote the LPUS got in the U.S.… Read more ...

Unofficial Green Party response to death of Bin Laden

Green Party Watch is a green politics blog which posts many official national and state Green Party press releases, and whose administrators are Green Party insiders. They have posted an open thread about the death of Bin Laden, where several greens have already left comments.

Open Thread at
Green Party Watch
“Now that bin Laden is dead, what do we do next?”

Green Party Watch also posted an article as the news was unfolding:

(excerpt from)
Is Bin Laden Dead?
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UK Greens could have another first, with poll showing possibility of electing a Welsh Assembly member

From WalesOnline.co.uk:

The party welcomed the ITV Wales/YouGov poll which gave the Greens 10% in the South Wales Region.

Under the proportional voting system, that would be enough to elect a Green on the regional ballot…If a Green AM was elected in May, it would follow the election of their first national MP when Caroline Lucas won Brighton Pavilion in last May’s General Election.

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In Germany, the Greens’ future looks bright, yet uncertain

An interesting article from Der Spiegel about a combination of news on the Green front, particularly their polling as high as 20 percent nationwide while, at the same time, launching anti-nuclear protests that could ruin their chances of a coalition with the party in power now:

The good news for Germany’s Green Party just keeps on coming.

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Former Greens founding new political party in Ireland

In a country where the Green Party has had much electoral success, which has led to it being perceived as abandoning its principals in a coalition government, a group of disenchanted Greens is starting a party called “A New Vision” that will “focus on issues such as political transparency, environmental issues and social justice.”  Read the full story here.… Read more ...

‘Anarcho-surrealist’ comic party wins big in Reykjavik election

An interesting election result in Iceland, thanks to an email from Tom Knapp:

Running on a platform described as “anarcho-surrealism,” Iceland’s Best Party (Besti Flokkurinn) is no longer just a big joke. The six-month-old party led by one of the nation’s best-known comedians, Jón Gnarr, won a stunning victory in the capital city of Reykjavik’s local elections, securing the largest percentage of votes (34.7%) and capturing six of the 15 seats on the city council.

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James Carville’s hypocrisy on BP and dubious ties to Antanas Mockus’ establishment opponent in Colombia

On Counterpunch, author Nikolas Kozloff examines American political strategist James Carville’s numerous forays into South American politics, including ties to BP and the establishment opponent of Colombian Green presidential candidate Antanas Mockus, who came in second with a bit over 20 percent of the vote yesterday.  Carville has recently been on American network news blasting BP for their oilspill near his native Louisiana, yet Kozloff talks about what Carville has done to prop up BP in South America (and they are now considering offshore drilling in Colombia, just to add to the hypocrisy). … Read more ...

British Green Party announces 2010 election manifesto

Recently, the British Green Party released their new manifesto in anticipation of the May parliamentary elections.  The Greens are said to have a greater chance of winning a seat in Parliament this year than ever before, especially in the Brighton seat where their leader Caroline Lucas is running, and they are running a record number of candidates. … Read more ...

Greens gain in Colombia and France

In recent elections, international Green Parties have had election victories in Colombia and in regional elections in France.

Posted to the GreenChange.org social network by a Green in Colombia (h/t to Green Party Watch):

Colombian congress has 268 seats; 100 seats for the senate and 168 seats for the equivalent of the house of representatives.

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UK Greens could win first seat in Parliament

While the Green Party of the United Kingdom has elected a member of the European Parliament, they have not yet elected a member of Parliament in their own country.  However, this could change soon.  The Independent reports:

A poll of voting intentions carried out by ICM Research shows that the Greens, who had their best-ever result in the constituency in 2005, hold an eight-point lead over their nearest rivals, the Conservatives, with the Greens on 35 per cent, the Tories on 27, Labour on 25 and the Liberal Democrats on 11 per cent…

Several developments boost the chance of Britain’s first Green MP.

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Election in El Salvador another victory for the left in Latin America

On Monday, March 16, the results of the presidential election in El Salvador, a central American country, were announced.  The winner was Mauricio Funes. His party is the Farabundo Marti National Liberation Front (FMLN). The FMLN is an undisputably left-wing party. FMLN grew out of a guerilla movement, which later signed a Peace Accord in 1982, to become a legal, political party.… Read more ...