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Howie Hawkins: US Path To War With Iran Must Be Reversed

By Howie Hawkins

The escalation of conflict between the US and Iran is at a fever pitch. It is time for the United States to recognize that war with Iran would be a multi-trillion dollar disaster that would lead to chaos and destruction in the region, would isolate the United States from the world diplomatic community even further, and would be another major foreign policy disaster.… Read more ...

Bruce Majors: Don’t Trust Obama on Iran


From Bruce Majors, who ran as a Libertarian for Mayor of Washington DC writes:

After seven years of seeing Obama in action, why would anyone, including libertarians, give Obama the benefit of the doubt about anything, including the Iran deal?

The Iran deal, the details of which few of its defenders actually discuss, and which the Obama regime didn’t want to let anyone see until after it was all signed, sealed, and delivered, has three substantive aspects: 1) Giving the Iranian regime and other Iranian entities over $100 billion is assets that have been frozen in foreign financial institutions, 2) ending economic sanctions against Iran, and 3) creating a program for inspecting Iranian nuclear industries to ensure they are not being used for weapons production.… Read more ...

Green Shadow Cabinet: President Obama: Now’s the time to embrace diplomacy with Iran

September 23, 2013

Leah Bolger, Secretary of Defense, Foreign Affairs Branch

Three months ago we wrote that the election of Hassan Rouhani as the President of Iran presented a golden opportunity for improved relations between Iran and the United States. We noted his moderate positions, experience in nuclear negotiations, and public promise to release political prisoners.

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Darrell Castle: The “Warhawk Syndrome” – Perpetual War for Perpetual Peace?

Posted on the Constitution Party’s Facebook page July 26th:

Is it Perpetual War or Perpetual Peace?

Darrell Castle talks about recent statements made by Senator Lindsey Graham and Governor Chris Christie. Castle was the Constitution Party’s 2008 vice-presidential candidate.


Listen to more Castle Report podcasts on Sound Cloud or choose from the complete collection at www.castlereport.usRead more ...

Green Shadow Cabinet: Iranian election provides golden opportunity for peacemaking

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June 27, 2013
Foreign Affairs Branch

The recent election of Hassan Rouhani to succeed Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as the President of Iran bodes well for improved relations between the United States and Tehran.  Rouhani is the most moderate of all the candidates and was something of a surprise winner in a contest that by all accounts was open and above board—not like the rigged 2009 election which incited massive protests and  a draconian governmental response of arrests and violence.Rouhani… Read more ...

Darryl W. Perry: Iranians Have No Free Press, No Fair Elections

Darryl W. Perry is a writer whose articles are published in several publications, including the monthly newspaper The Sovereign.  He is a co-host on a radio show on Liberty Radio Network. He is the owner and managing editor of Free Press Publications (FPP.cc). Perry is a co-founder and co-chairman of the New Hampshire Liberty Party, a party created in September 2012 to promote secession of the state from the federal government and individual liberty.Read more ...

Lee Wrights: Stop the Next War Before It Starts

by R. Lee Wrights

BURNET, Texas (March 3) – It is becoming increasingly clear to me that President Barack Obama is determined to add to his record as the Nobel Peace Prize winner who has bombed the greatest number of countries. He’ll probably order this action before the November presidential election.… Read more ...

Ralph Nader Warns Against War With Iran

Ralph Nader writes at Nader.org:

The same neocons who persuaded George W. Bush and crew to, in Ron Paul’s inimitable words, “lie their way into invading Iraq” in 2003, are beating the drums of war more loudly these days to attack Iran. It is remarkable how many of these war-mongers are former draft dodgers who wanted other Americans to fight the war in Vietnam.

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ROOT: George Costanza for President

George Costanza for President
Seinfeld shows the way to save the U.S. economy

Remember “Seinfeld”? It was one of the most successful TV series in the history of American television. The show revolved around Jerry Seinfeld and his buddy George Costanza. George was the ultimate loser. Everything he did was a colossal failure.… Read more ...

Ralph Nader: ‘Learning from Iran’

By Ralph Nader at Nader.org:

An article in the current issue of the AARP Bulletin is likely to get a “What’s this?” reaction from many of its millions of readers. It is titled “Iranian Cure for the Delta’s Blues,” with the eye-opening subtitles: “Mississippi Looks to Iran’s health care system”” “That model has improved health dramatically”; “Will it travel well to Baptist Town?”… Read more ...

Socialist Party USA comments on events in Honduras, Iran

From The Socialist Webzine

In Solidarity with the People of Honduras

by the SPUSA National Action Committee

July 7, 2009 – The Socialist Party USA condemns the coup recently carried out in Honduras by the military and backed by a section of the Honduran elite. We call for the immediate reinstatement of democratically elected President Manuel Zelaya.… Read more ...

UK Green Party Parliamentary candidate Peter Tatchell: ‘allowing Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s alternative Christmas message is aiding and abetting a homophobic tyrant’

From pinknews.co.uk:

Channel 4’s decision to allow Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to deliver the Alternative Christmas message is aiding and abetting a homophobic tyrant says gay rights campaigner and Green Party Parliamentary Candidate Peter Tatchell.

President Ahmadinejad is a torturer and a murderer. His regime executes gay people, children, journalists, Sunni Muslims, political dissidents and ethnic minorities.

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