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Posts tagged as “Jack Alan Brown Jr.”

Constitution Party of Oregon Officially Affiliates With Independent American Party


September 6, 2013

This week the Steering Committee of the Constitution Party of Oregon
voted to join the National Alliance of Independent American Parties. It did so
in order to further the purpose of that Alliance, to wit, “to provide all voters
registered or associated with its affiliated parties in the several States with a
unified vehicle to achieve three objectives: (1) to create an opportunity to
express political hopes and aspirations, (2) to develop a consensus on the
proper role and function of government based upon the American Heritage of
individual rights and responsibilities under God, and (3) to effectively channel
energy into political changes that satisfy those hopes and aspirations and
reflect that consensus by electing candidates to public office, adopting
resolutions, organizing boycotts, etc.”… Read more ...

Constitution Party and Pacific Green Party in Oregon Hold Conventions, Progressive Party Tries to Make Ballot

Jeff Mapes, over at The Oregonian’s political blog, made a comprehensive  post concerning the latest third party events in Oregon. This includes news of the Constitution Party and Pacific Green Party’s convention, the Progressive Party’s efforts to get on the ballot, and the Independent Party’s endorsements.… Read more ...