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Constitution Party and Pacific Green Party in Oregon Hold Conventions, Progressive Party Tries to Make Ballot

Jeff Mapes, over at The Oregonian’s political blog, made a comprehensive  post concerning the latest third party events in Oregon. This includes news of the Constitution Party and Pacific Green Party’s convention, the Progressive Party’s efforts to get on the ballot, and the Independent Party’s endorsements.

1. The Constitution Party of Oregon will hold a convention June 26 and expects to pick a candidate for governor. 

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Constitution Party of Oregon holds state convention

The Constitution Party of Oregon held its’ statewide convention on June 7th and nominated a slate of candidates for Federal and State offices.

U.S. President – Chuck Baldwin – www.baldwin2008.com
U.S. Vice-President – Darrell Castle
U.S. Senate – Dave Brownlow – www.davebrownlow.com
U.S House District 1 – Scott Semrau
U.S House District 2 – Rick Hake – www.rickhake.com
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