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Posts tagged as “Jack Fellure”

Prohibition Party Celebrates New Member from ‘Queer Community’

In the January-February-March 2022 edition of the Prohibition Party’s newsletter, the National Prohibitionist, the party introduced a new member: 27-year-old Zayne Chrisathemum.  The newsletter describes Chrisathemum as a member of the “queer community (his own preferred term).”  This community benefits from Prohibition, the Prohibitionist argues, because “[r]ecreational drugs and their attendant social problems are a particular scourge” of it.… Read more ...

Al Jazeera Profiles Alternative Party Presidential Candidates Lee Wrights, Rocky Anderson, Jill Stein and Jack Fellure

An article in Al Jazeera takes a look at several US alternative party presidential candidates:

Rocky Anderson, who recently compared Obama’s lack of prosecution of the Bush administration for war crimes to Ford’s pardon of Nixon in announcing his acceptance of the nomination of the newly formed Justice Party.… Read more ...