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Jack Hunter: Gary Johnson isn’t a perfect libertarian. Here’s why that doesn’t matter

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Gary Johnson

By Jack Hunter, Rare.us, June 30th, 2016:

As a libertarian conservative, I have a number of problems with Gary Johnson. Big ones. On foreign policy. On religious liberty. Onabortion. On messaging. On a number of things.

In this election, they won’t matter.

I also thought Johnson came across as somewhat awkward in the first ever Libertarian presidential town hall on CNN recently.

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Red Phillips: Rand Paul’s Sell-Out is Absolutely Undeniably Complete

Red Phillips is a longtime IPR contributor. The following was published on his blog, Conservative Heritage Times.

July 12, 2013

The Jack Hunter fiasco fall-out continues. Now it has completely finished off Rand Paul as well. Someone please give Rand a Testosterone injection.  He is clearly running low. For those who have argued that Rand Paul was just making rhetorical concessions as part of “playing the game” but was still stealthily one of us, I thought that argument lost credibility when

1) he babbled PC platitudes before a Howard University audience, or

2) spouted PC immigration boosterism before a Hispanic organization, or

3) offered Israel a security guarantee to placate the neocons (You see how well that worked out don’t you?)… Read more ...