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Westword: Jaimes Brown and Colorado’s Libertarians are bringing the party to the people for the first time

Jonathan Easley at Westword:

​At the 2008 Libertarian National Convention in Denver, some party members derisively passed around shots of Scope to wash the bad taste from their mouths following the presidential nomination of former Republican, Bob Barr.

It wasn’t just that Barr was seen as an impure strain of Libertarian; some members felt he had hi-jacked the proceedings by manipulating the sparsely attended, convention-style nomination process.… Read more ...

Colorado Libertarian Party Primary Results

The Colorado Libertarian held a primary on August 10th. This is the first year that the LP of Colorado held a statewide primary. There were three contested races for the nominations to US Senate, Governor, and 1st congressional district. The results are provided below, with victors listed first.


  • Jaimes Brown – 62%
  • Dan “Kilo” Sallis- 38%

US Senate:

  • Maclyn Stringer- 53%
  • John Finger- 47%

1st Congressional District:

  • Clint Jones- 60%
  • Jeffrey Schitter- 40%

Thanks to Ballot Access News and The Denver Post for election results.… Read more ...

CO: Libertarian Candidate for Governor Advocates Approval Voting

From The Denver Daily News, via Poli-Tea:

There’s at least one gubernatorial candidate happy to see Tom Tancredo enter the race for governor as a third-party candidate, and we’re not talking about Democratic candidate John Hickenlooper. Libertarian candidate Jaimes Brown welcomes Tancredo into the race “with open arms.” .

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