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Tom Stevens Resigns As LPPA Chair; James Fryman Elected

This was posted at Dr. Tom Stevens’s blog, Liberty Lion, today.

Stevens Resigns As LPPA State Chair; Fryman Elected

On Thursday, April 4, 2013, Dr. Tom Stevens, State Chair of the Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania, issued the following statement:For personal reasons involving the health of one of my close family members, I, Dr.
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Minor Party candidates in Pennsylvania

If you’re voting in Pennsylvania this November – or voting by absentee ballot for candidates in Pennsylvania – what are your minor party and independent options? I have tried my best to compile a list here. Feel free to point out what I’ve missed in the comments. Also, if you compose a list like this for your own state, I would be more than willing to post it.… Read more ...

Pennsylvania Libertarian U.S. House candidate Fryman addresses forum

Pennsylvania’s Oil City Derrick reports James Fryman, the Libertarian nominee in the state’s Fifth District U.S. House race, joined the Democratic and Republican candidates at a Chamber of Commerce forum on Friday. Fryman, who has worked as an “auto plant worker, teacher and IRS revenue officer,” among other jobs, “said he is ‘not running to pass laws but to repeal them.'”… Read more ...