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Larry West: Ballot Status and Registered Write-In Status By Presidential Candidate, 2012

From IPR comments, original research by Larry West as to which presidential candidates are on the ballot in which states, and which ones are registered write-in candidates in which states. Larry West is the only source for this information and I have not attempted to verify or correct it, but corrections – preferably with links to sources/evidence – are welcome in the comments.Read more ...

Six Presidential Candidates Submit Washington Petitions, Four Are Verified Thus Far

Richard Winger has reported on the latest ballot access news out of Washington, which is that six presidential tickets have submitted signatures in the state of Washington, with four having been verified so far.

The deadline has passed in Washington state for minor party presidential candidates, and independent presidential candidates, to submit petitions.

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Socialist vote for Mayor of Los Angeles reaches record high

from Ballot Access News
Socialist Vote for Los Angeles Mayor in 2009 is Highest Since Before World War II

June 12th, 2009

Los Angeles elects its Mayor in the spring of the odd years that follow presidential election years. The Socialist Workers Party has run a candidate for Mayor in all Los Angeles elections, starting in 1945, except that it didn’t run in 1997.… Read more ...

Los Angeles socialist mayoral candidate results

Two candidates from nationally organized socialist parties we cover at IPR competed yesterday in Los Angeles’ mayoral election.

Carlos Alvarez (IPR coverage here) of the Party for Socialism and Liberation garnered 2,483 votes for 1.08% of the vote.

Former Socialist Workers Party presidential nominee and some-time presidential stand-in James Harris (IPR coverage here) took 2,057 votes, 0.89%.… Read more ...

PSL member running for Mayor of Los Angeles

The Party for Socialism and Liberation is a running a mayoral candidate in Los Angeles this coming year, 22 year old Carlos Alvarez:

Carlos is an anti-war activist and leader of the ANSWER Coalition (Act Now to Stop War and End Racism). He has helped bring tens of thousands of people to the streets to stop the Iraq war and most recently, to fight California’s bigoted, anti-LGBT Prop.

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California releases official vote totals

Posted at Ballot Access News

On December 13, California released its official vote tally from the November 2008 election. The most suspense concerned the write-in candidates for president. Ron Paul’s slate of presidential elector candidates received 17,006 write-ins. Chuck Baldwin received 3,145. James Harris for the Socialist Workers Party received 49, and Frank Moore (independent who lives in Berkeley, California) received 36.

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Socialist Workers Party mayoral candidates kickoff campaigns in NYC, LA

Two Socialist Workers Party members are launching mayoral campaigns in major cities in preparation for looming 2009 municipal elections:

NEW YORK—The Socialist Workers Party here has nominated Dan Fein, a sewing machine operator, as its candidate in the 2009 mayoral race. James Harris, a union meat packer, is the SWP candidate for mayor in Los Angeles.

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23 Presidential candidates are on the ballot in at least one state

Ballot Access News reports

This year, 23 presidential candidates are on the ballot in at least one state. That is the highest in U.S. history except for 1992, when there were also 23. Generally there are more such candidates in periods of great public unhappiness.

Here is a list, with the predominant party label for each, and the percentage of the voters that will see their names on the ballot:

Barack Obama, Democratic, 100.0%
John McCain, Republican, 100.0%
Bob Barr, Libertarian, 94.5%
Ralph Nader, independent, 85.2%
Cynthia McKinney, Green, 70.5%
Chuck Baldwin, Constitution, 59.8%
Gloria La Riva, Socialism and Liberation, 26.8%
Roger Calero or his stand-in James Harris, Socialist Workers, 25.0%
Brian Moore, Socialist, 21.5%
Alan Keyes, America’s Independent Party, 18.1%
Charles Jay, Boston Tea, 10.0%
Gene Amondson, Prohibition, 9.6%
Thomas Robert Stevens, Objectivist, 8.0%
Richard Duncan, independent, 4.6%
John Joseph Polachek, New, 4.3%
Jeffrey Boss, Vote Here, 3.0%
Jeffrey Wamboldt, We the People, 2.5%
Ron Paul, Taxpayers/Constitution, 2.0%
Jonathan E.

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‘At least 15’ on Colorado presidential ballot

The AP reports that “at least 15 presidential candidates” will be on the ballot in Colorado this year, saying voters “may recognize Bob Barr of the Libertarians, Cynthia McKinney of the Greens and the unaffiliated Ralph Nader on November’s ballot. They may not recognize Thomas Stevens of the Objectivist Party, Jonathan Allen of HeartQuake ’08 or Charles Jay of the Boston Tea Party.”… Read more ...

Socialist Workers Party on Louisiana ballot

Louisiana’s Baton Rouge Advocate reported Tuesday that the Socialist Workers Party “became the first party Monday to get a presidential candidate on Louisiana’s Nov. 4 ballot. Alyson Kennedy of New Jersey, the running mate to presidential candidate Roger Calero of New York, personally qualified her party and its nine state electors in Baton Rouge, after touring New Orleans for three days.”… Read more ...