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LNC Executive Committee meeting minutes available online

I just noticed that the LNC meeting archives since the past national convention in St. Louis now have minutes of executive committee conference calls, for anyone who wants to keep up with them.

It appears that the 2004-5 minutes in the public archive included conference call minutes, but between 2006 and the May 2010 convention only minutes of the entire LNC meeting in person were made available in the public archive.… Read more ...

Dr. James Lark joins five other past Libertarian National Committee members in endorsing Mark Hinkle for LNC chair

Email from Mark Hinkle. Links added:


Thanks for continuing to mention my candidacy for LP Chair.

I’ve just added Jim Lark to my list of past LP Chairs who are endorsing me.

That makes 6 now.

I wonder if any LP Chair candidate has every had 6 past LP Chairs as endorsers?… Read more ...