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New American Freedom Party Report show on YouTube

Every week, Jamie Kelso (the membership director of the white nationalist American Freedom Party) hosts a radio show on the Republic Broadcasting Network. On his most recent show (September 8, 2013), his guest was Tom Sunic, Ph.D., a fellow AFP governing board director. Sunic is a linguistics expert, professor, and writer who is currently in charge of AFP’s outreach operations to nationalist parties in Europe.… Read more ...

Two American Freedom Party Leaders Speak Out About Their Party

William Daniel Johnson


American Freedom Party logo

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                                                                  Jamie Kelso

By Krzysztof Lesiak

In January of this year, I had the opportunity to interview William Daniel Johnson, the national chairman of the American Freedom Party (at that time it was called the American 3rd Position). The American Freedom Party is one of the few white nationalist political parties in the United States.… Read more ...

American Freedom Party Report: New Interview with Chairman William Johnson

Every Saturday, from 9 PM to 10 PM CST, the American Freedom Party Report is hosted by the AFP’s membership director,  Jamie Kelso. The radio show airs on the Republic Broadcasting Network at republicbroadcasting.org. The American Freedom Party is a small white nationalist political party that ran Merlin Miller for president in 2012.… Read more ...