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Harvey Wasserman: The crisis at Fukushima’s Unit 4 demands a global take-over

September 23, 2013

Harvey Wasserman, Secretary of Energy

We are now within two months of what may be humankind’s most dangerous moment since the Cuban Missile Crisis. There is no excuse for not acting. All the resources we can muster must be focused on the fuel pool at Fukushima Unit 4.

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Florida Green Party calls for state to shut down and phase out nuclear power plants

From the Daily Loaf:

In Florida, there are currently five nuclear reactors in operation in Florida, with two at Turkey Point on Biscayne Bay, two in Port St. Lucie, and one at Crystal River. The Crystal River reactor (CR-3) has been shut down for repairs since September 2009, when a large crack was discovered in the concrete and steel containment vessel.

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