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Green Party of Pennsylvania nominates candidates for office

Logo from party website

On March 2nd, during its state convention in Boalsburg, the Green Party of Pennsylvania nominated three candidates for public office as well as took care of intra-party business.

Heading the ticket, social entrepreneur Paul Glover won the gubernatorial nomination. Additionally, former 82nd Airborne paratrooper and neuroscientist Tom Prigg was nominated to run in the 12th district for U.S.… Read more ...

Green Party’s 2011 Annual National Meeting will feature Green candidates from New York and other states, as well as anti-hydrofracking leaders and other Green activists

A press release from the Green Party of the United States, including a list of 2011 candidates who will be at the event:

The meeting will take place August 5-7 at Green Fest in Alfred, western New York; Greens will begin planning for the 2012 elections, including the presidential race; Elizabeth May, Canadian Green member of Parliament, and economist David C.Read more ...

Green Party lauds Pittsburgh City Council Decision to ban fracking in city limits

A press release from the Green Party of Pennsylvania, which supports banning hydraulic fracturing (aka fracking) for natural gas and organized statewide protests against the practice on Earth Day:

Last week, Pittsburgh City Council voted to ban hydrofracturing, or
“fracking” within city limits.  Fracking is a controversial method of
natural gas extraction from the Marcellus Shale formation that uses large
volumes of water and severely pollutes it in the process. … Read more ...

Green Party of PA votes unanimously to support Dimock residents’ attempt to get clean water


Green Party supports residents of Dimock

Since DEP Secretary John Hanger announced his decision to construct a
pipeline from Lake Montrose to Dimock to provide safe drinking water to the
residents who are unable to use their wells, there has been a backlash.
Cabot has denied all responsibility.  … Read more ...

Green Party: PA Department of Homeland Security Director John Powers should be fired

As protests are held nationwide against FBI and PA department of Homeland Security domestic spying, the Green Party issued the following press release:

Group calls for termination of Homeland Security Chief over ITRR contract

Feels violated as one of the activist groups spied on

The Green Party of Pennsylvania shares the outrage of fellow citizens and taxpayers at the actions of the Institute of Terrorism Research and Response of Philadelphia, in its blatant abuse of the privilege of its homeland security contract with the Dept.… Read more ...

Jay Sweeney announces Green campaign for state legislature in PA

Today, Jay Sweeney officially announced his candidacy for state legislature in Pennsylvania’s 111th district as a Green.  He has run a few times before, garnering as much as 17.5 percent of the vote, and he was elected as the Auditor of Falls Township in 2009.  From the Wyoming County Press Examiner:

Green Party candidate Jay Sweeney announced Tuesday that he is once again running for state representative in the 111th District…

The 111th District covers parts of Susquehanna, Wayne and Wyoming counties.

Read more ...

After natural gas explosion, Green Party of PA issues anti-drilling statement

Press release:

The Green Party of Pennsylvania calls for an end to
drilling for natural gas and other fossil fuels

After a blowback spewed gas and toxic water in Clearfield, PA, plus serious
incidents including deaths of oil and gas employees in West Virginia and
Texas, nearly 2 months of oil flowing into the Gulf of Mexico and years of
mountain top removal, the Green Party of Pennsylvania says “enough already.”… Read more ...

Green Party garners reaction across PA from natural gas protests

Yesterday, local Green Parties and Greens across Pennsylvania participated in protests against natural gas drilling in the state.  There was a protest at each regional Department of Environmental Protection, including one in the state capital, Harrisburg.  A press release announcing the protests can be found here.

I (Ross Levin) attended the rally in Norristown, which is the county seat of Montgomery County. … Read more ...

Green Party of PA nominates federal and state candidates

From Ballot Access News:

The Pennsylvania Green Party held a state nominating convention February 20-21 near Pittsburgh, and nominated a candidate for U.S. Senate, one for U.S. House, and four state house candidates. The party will attempt to place all its nominees on the 2010 ballot.

The U.S. Senate candidate, Mel Packer, needs 19,056 valid signatures, due August 2.

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Voters’ Choice Act introduced in PA legislature

On September 17, a bill was introduced to the Pennsylvania State Senate by Senator Mike Folmer (R-Lebanon) called the Voters’ Choice Act. If passed, it would make the requirements for ballot access for independents and minor party candidates in the general election the same as those for major party candidates in their primaries.Â… Read more ...