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Mug Wumps, Jedis, Discordians, and Aerosmith: A Listing of Louisiana Party Registrants

The News Star in Louisiana recently did a report on the registrants by party in Louisiana. The results were fascinating, turning up a total of 217 parties, 86 of which have only 1 member. Twelve of those registrants are members of the Jedi Party.

The state has a bunch of Bananas — well, 20 of them — registered as the Banana Party.

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New in the public discourse: Are Jedi Knights Libertarian or Socialist?

(excerpt from) The Atlantic Wire
Are Jedi Knights Libertarian or Socialist?

by Max Fisher on July 26, 2010

Most political journalists are also nerds, so it was probably only a matter of time until someone started debating the politics of Star Wars. This particular discussion started when an official with the Canadian prime minister’s office sent out a press release announcing that the forthcoming national census would be optional.

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