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John McAfee: Gary Johnson is ‘Libertarian in Name Only’; I’m not endorsing him

Jeff 4 Justice, a third party party oriented vlogger and creator of the No More 2 Party System channel, uploaded a new video on August 3rd featuring former Libertarian Party presidential candidate John McAfee (Transcript below):

Jeff 4 Justice: I’m Jeff 4 Justice and I’m here with John McAfee who just got finished running with the Libertarian Party, you ran for president, and Gary Johnson of course got the nomination.… Read more ...

Gary Johnson publicly declines debate with Jill Stein, discusses his running mate

Forwarded to ATPR by Jeff 4 Justice (No More 2 Party System channel), July 24th, 2016:

“Gary Johnson Declines To Debate Jill Stein As Offered By The Young Turks”

No More 2 Party System, July 27th, 2016:

“Gary Johnson On His Contradicting, Clinton Cheering VP Choice”

(Via American Third Party Report)

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Glenn Beck says that he will likely vote for Gary Johnson

From Jeff 4 Justice at the No More 2 Party System YouTube channel, July 21st, 2016:

Media mogul Glenn Beck of the Blaze (http://www.theblaze.com/) reveals he’ll likely vote for Libertarian Presidential nominee Gary Johnson in the 2016 election. Beck also decries the 2 party system.

(Via American Third Party Report)

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Alternative Political Party Advancement Support Highlighted In Best Of Jeff 4 Justice 2014 Vid

In my Best Of 2014 YouTube video, I highlight the best moments of my celebrity interviews, homeless outreach, and comedic videos. The video includes a lot of focus on promoting alternative political party options.

Appearing in the video:
• Pastor Joel Osteen
• Congresswoman Debbie Schultz
• Congressman Adam Schiff
• Famed attorney Gloria Allred
• Actress Marlo Thomas
• Activist Ralph Nader
• Reporter Maria Shriver
• Journalist Abby Martin of Breaking The Set
• Former U.S.… Read more ...

Comedian Lee Camp On 2-Party System, Homelessness, Crowdfunding

Comedian Lee Camp explains why the 2-party system is a failure; he shares his take on homelessphobia; and he gives his take on the oversaturation of crowdfunding.

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