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West Virginia Bill to Ease Definition of “Political Party”

Ballot Access News:

West Virginia State Senator Clark Barnes (R-Beverly) has introduced SB 417, to ease the definition of “political party.” The existing law, ever since 1916, has defined a political party as a group that polled at least 1% of the vote for Governor in the last gubernatorial election.… Read more ...

WV: Constitution Party Candidate Jeff Becker Vies for Robert Byrd’s Vacant Senate Seat, Calls for Audit of Fed

From the Marshall Parthenon via TPID:

A third-party candidate is seeking to be elected to the U.S. Senate to fill the seat left vacant by Robert C. Byrd. Jeff Becker, the Constitution Party’s candidate for the election of West Virginia’s new U.S. Senator, said he wants to help government make a return to Constitutional values.… Read more ...

Third Party and Independent Daily: Constitution Party Updates

Several stories at TPID today about the Constitution Party:

CO-Gov: Progressives Debate Import of Tancredo’s Third Party Candidacy

From Political Chili:

Over at The Huffington Post, liberal blogger Jessica Corry is making “The Liberal Case for Tom Tancredo.”  According to Corry, Tancredo’s victory “could mean a handful of policy goodies long championed by liberal progressives.” 

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New York Libertarian, and West Virginia Constitution, Petitions Succeed

Ballot Access News:

The West Virginia Constitution Party petition for U.S. Senate has enough valid signatures, so the party’s U.S. Senate nominee, Jeff Becker, will appear on the November ballot.

The New York Libertarian Party statewide petition also succeeded. Although someone filed a general challenge to that petition, the challenger did not subsequently follow through with specific objections.… Read more ...

West Virginia Constitution Party Submits Petition to be in U.S. Senate Race

Ballot Access News:

August 23 is the deadline for petitions for independent candidates, and the nominees of unqualified parties, for U.S. Senate in West Virginia. The only candidate who attempted to qualify by petition is Jeff Becker of the Constitution Party. It will be several weeks before the state can check the petition to see if he has the required 1,756 valid signatures.… Read more ...

Attorney says West Virginia Constitution Party cannot sue parks chief

An attorney for West Virginia Division of Natural Resources Director Frank Jezioro argued in U.S. District Court that the state’s Constitution Party cannot sue Jezioro over a ban on politics in state parks, the West Virginia Record reports. State CP leaders Jeff Becker and Denzil Sloan sued Jezioro and several others, “asserting a constitutional right to circulate petitions at the park.… Read more ...