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The Eternal Debate on Debates

From the Topeka Capital-Journal:

Ken Cannon and Andrew Gray endorse third-party candidate participation in Kansas gubernatorial debates.

It is more than philosophical. It is personal.

Gray is the Libertarian Party’s nominee for governor, while Cannon carries the banner of the Reform Party on the November ballot.

The first significant opportunity for these third-party leaders to exchange political barbs with Republican nominee U.S.

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Mixed Polling for Minor Party and Independent Candidates in VA

SurveyUSA recently polled three Virginia congressional districts at the behest of a local news organization. Here are some of their results.


9th Congressional District:

  • Morgan Griffith (R): 39%
  • Rick Boucher (D): 52% – incumbent
  • Jeremiah Heaton (I): 5%

One local paper wrote this interesting article about Heaton’s campaign and his practice of travelling outside of the district to learn about national issues.… Read more ...

Is the Tea Party Really Independent?

David Weigel, back from his journalistic grave, recently posted an interesting analysis of the Tea Party movment’s political affiliations. He writes:

This is the fear that Democrats fervently hope is legitimate: The Tea Party will tear the GOP apart. But Tea Party activists aren’t acting the part. On the contrary, any attempt to break away and split conservative votes for the midterms is met with several megatons of force, from the courts to the Fox News studio.

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Goode Declines To Run As Third Party Candidate, Endorses GOP Nominee

Virgil Goode, the former congressman from the Virginia’s 5th District, is a member of both the GOP and the Constitution Party. There was speculation that he might run for Congress in 2010 if Robert Hurt, one of the GOP candidates, won the primary. However, Goode has made it clear that he intends to support Hurt.… Read more ...