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Jeff Daiell: ‘Friends, Texans, Libertarians’

Message from Jeff Daiell circulated through various yahoo and facebook groups etc, concerning this upcoming weekend’s Texas Libertarian convention:

Friends, Texans, Libertarians,

Pat Dixon has been accomplishing a great deal on behalf of the Libertarian Party since successfully chairing the 2004 Ballot Access Committee . Tom Glass (who ran the failed 1984 ballot access effort) abandoned the Libertarian Party years ago, becoming a financial contributor to Establishment Republicans and the Texas GOP itself.… Read more ...

Roger Gary: It’s Official

From a media release on Mon, May 16, 2011, by the Roger Gary 2012 campaign:


For confirmation, contact:

Jake Porter, 515-783-0729 or jake@jakeporter.org
Jeff Daiell, (713) 777-1776 or JeffDaiell@Yahoo.com


Texas Libertarian Roger Gary [Formally] Announces Presidential Campaign

Promises Restoration of Civil Liberties, Free Markets, and a Non-Interventionist Foreign Policy

(SAN ANTONIO) Roger V.… Read more ...

Guy McLendon and Jeff Daiell: ‘Words Do Have Meaning’

Guy McLendon at LP.org blog;

Words Do Have Meaning
Co-Authored By Guy McLendon & Jeff Daiell
In writing about her novel, Anthem, Ayn Rand said she did not want statists to have this excuse, once a police state had America in its grip, "But that’s not what we meant!"

In some cases, frankly, a totalitarian state is the goal for advocates of statism.  

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Kathie Glass: Rick Perry’s Worst Nightmare?

According to the Houston Chronicle (Texas’ largest newspaper), she just might be. An excerpt:

The real potential for Glass is that her message of stark government downsizing will steal votes from Perry.

In the 1990 governor’s race, where many voters were disgusted with the Republican candidates, Libertarian Jeff Daiell won almost 4 percent of the ballots.

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Mike Hope, David Smith Announce Additions to Campaign Staff

Mike Hope is a Libertarian candidate for the US House of Representatives in the 9th district of Texas. A local paper recently reported on some new faces on his campaign.

The first addition is Floy Lilley as economic advisor. One article she wrote for LRC¬†describes Lilley as¬†“an adjunct faculty member at the Mises Institute.Read more ...

Article On Kathie Glass, Libertarian Party Candidate for Governor of Texas

Kathie Glass was just nominated last weekend by the Libertarian Party to run for Governor of Texas. Glass beat out fellow Libertarian and candidate Jeff Daiell. The Texas Tribune published an article on Sunday about Glass’¬† victory and her attempt to win over the supporters of Republican candidate Debra Medina, who lost the GOP primary earlier this year.… Read more ...

Libertarian Party of Texas Holds Convention, Nominates Glass for Governor

The Libertarian Party of Texas held its state convention last weekend to nominate candidates, revise the platform, and hear speakers.

Joining state Republicans and Democrats in the spotlight this weekend, Texas Libertarians gathered Saturday in Austin to announce their own bold aspirations.

Libertarian delegates selected Kathie Glass , a 56-year-old attorney from Houston, to run against Republican Gov.

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Jeff Daiell, Libertarian for Governor of Texas, to address students April 13

(HOUSTON) Jeff Daiell, District 13 representative on the

State Libertarian Executive Committee of Texas (SLECT), will

address a Government class at Wharton County Junior College

on Monday, April 13th, which is Thomas Jefferson’s birthday.

The 10 AM class will hear “Respecting the Rights of

Individuals” , a general introduction to Libertarianism.… Read more ...

Jeff Daiell, Libertarian for Governor of Texas: Campaign Update, Late March 2009

Emailed to contact.ipr@gmail.com last week. Posted by Paulie after reminder by candidate in IPR comments earlier today.

(1) Yesterday, I addressed two consecutive classes at Wharton County Junior College. I was there as a representative of the LP, not as a gubernatorial candidate, but the professor mentioned the campaign.

The first class heard “Respecting the Rights of Individuals”, a general introduction to Libertarianism.… Read more ...