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Broadside: Year of the Independents?

Evan                        McCormick

(The following was originally published on NECN.)

Have you noticed that Democrats and Republicans have competition in the Massachusetts governors race?

Independent candidates are crowding the 2014 contest, but two are grabbing attention: Jeff McCormick and Evan Falchuk.

Falchuk is a businessman and founder of the United Independent Party, while McCormick founded the venture capital firm behind a number of companies, including Boston Duck Tours.Read more ...

Boston Globe: New Super Pac Could Boost Independent Jeffrey McCormick


(The following was originally published The Boston Globe.)

A new super PAC aimed at boosting independent candidates may help venture capital investor Jeffrey S. McCormick, one of three non-party 2014 gubernatorial hopefuls.

Paul W. Johnson, the local lawyer who is chairman of the political action committee organized on Tuesday, said he had met with McCormick over the winter and “found him to be a person who has new ideas and has a track record of turning good ideas into reality.”… Read more ...

Commonwealth Magazine: Independent Practice Very Different Politics

(The following was originally published in Commonwealth Magazine.)

THE THREE INDEPENDENT candidates running for governor said on Friday that their candidacies are an attempt to challenge the existing two-party structure and bring an outsider’s perspective to running state government. 

The independents may have similar goals, but their approaches are very different.Read more ...

Jeffrey McCormick of Boston Jumps into Massachusetts Governors Race as Independent Candidate

Jeff McCormick

By Matt Murphy

Jeffrey McCormick, a founding partner of the Boston venture capital firm Saturn Partners, has filed papers to run for governor in 2014 as an independent, adding a new dynamic to the 2014 field already crowded with a handful of Democrats, one Republican and another independent.

McCormick, who lists a Beacon Street address near the Public Gardens, formed an account to run for governor on Monday morning with the Office of Campaign and Political Finance.… Read more ...