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Jeff Vanke, other independents featured on CNN.com

Email from Jeff Vanke to contact.ipr.gmail.com:

On today’s CNN.com, here, Jeff Vanke’s campaign and his balanced budget are featured in a story on independent candidates in 2010.

Jeff Vanke for Congress, Independent, 6th District of Virginia
1007 1st Street SW, Suite D, Roanoke, VA 24016
(540) 915-3786

Excerpt from that story:

(L)et’s break out of the two-party mold and take a look at some of the independent candidates across the country who are surging or struggling as Election Day approaches.

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Modern Whig Party updates


AUG 26, 2010

The word is getting out about the Modern Whig Party and its mainstream, non-fringe and viable candidate. Media outlets ranging from local television to the front page of the Wall Street Journal are catching on that there now is a national political movement that values moderate common sense, rational solutions ahead of partisan bickering and stark ideology.
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Independent Candidate Jeff Vanke in second place in U.S. Congressional race

From the Modern Whig Party:

The Modern Whig Party announces that one of its members is engaged in a truly unique Congressional campaign. In perhaps the only race of its kind, Jeff Vanke is competing in what is tantamount to a two-person race against a vulnerable Republican. There is no Democrat in the race while Vanke, a moderate, is currently polling in double digits.… Read more ...

Stuart Bain Hosts Virtual Town Hall and Moneybomb

Libertarian Stuart Bain, running against Independent/Modern Whig Jeff Vanke and incumbent Republican Bob Goodlatte in Virginia’s 6th congressional district, held a virtual town hall Friday night in conjunction with a planned moneybomb. The event brought in over $500 for the campaign.

To see some quotes from Bain on the campaign trail, see this article.… Read more ...