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California Special Congressional Election Returns

from Ballot Access News
California Special Congressional Election Returns

November 3rd, 2009

Preliminary election returns for the special U.S. House election in California’s 10th district are:
Democrat John Garamendi 55.54%; Republican Dave Harmer 39.77%; Green Jeremy Cloward 1.99%; Peace & Freedom Mary McIlroy 1.48%; American Independent Party Jerry Denham 1.23%.

When this district last voted, in November 2008, the results had been: Democratic 65.20%; Republican 31.10%; Peace & Freedom 3.70%.

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California College Sponsors 5-Party Debate in Special U.S. House Race

Hat/tip to Ballot Access News for the link and the headline

(excerpt from) Danville Express News/Danville Weekly
Congressional candidates debate from left to right
by Dave Roberts

The five candidates seeking to represent the 10th Congressional District [in California] break down into a group of three on the left and two on the right as revealed in a forum at Saint Mary’s College on Monday night.

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In Calif: Fires affect poll schedule; Green Party’s Cloward moves forward

from Green Party Watch
Jeremy Cloward Moves Forward In California Congressional Race
Jonathan Cook / September 2, 2009

Election results were delayed tonight as firefighters from the 10th congressional district who have joined the battle against the raging wildfires around Los Angeles were given the chance to cast their ballots beyond the ordinary close of polls.

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Three alternative party candidates on California U.S. House primary ballot

The AP runs a primer on the California 10th District U.S. House special election primary on September 1. While most of the piece is devoted to the major party candidates, the AP does note that “other contenders come from the Green, American Independent and Peace and Freedom parties.” Those candidates, not mentioned by name in the article, are Jeremy Cloward, Jerry Denham, and Mary McIlroy, respectively.… Read more ...

Three alternative candidates on ballot in California U.S. House primary

A SurveyUSA poll on the all-party primary for the special election in California’s 10th U.S. House District finds several alternative party candidates and write-in candidates, along with minor Democratic and Republican contenders, polling a combined four percent. However, the poll did not initially list the candidates, and the results posted online do not break down the alternative candidates’ support.… Read more ...