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Top State House Green Party Campaigns

Via Ronald Hardy at Green Party Watch:

This list was put together by Brent McMillan, consisting of Green Party campaigns for State House (or Assembly) seats. It includes all of the races that finished with over 15% of the vote in 2010:

  • Mark Miller for State Representative 3rd Berkshire District, MA 4,459 votes 45.0%
  • Jeremy Karpen for State Representative District 39, IL 5,354 34.7%
  • Fred Horch for State Representative District 66, ME 1,272 34.38%
  • Ben Manski for State Assembly District 77, WI 7,761 31.0%
  • Anna Trevorrow for State Representative District 120, ME 945 31.04%
  • Seth Berner for State Representative District 115, ME 1,002 27.93%
  • Charlie Howe for State Representative District 115, IL 7,178 24.91%
  • Cheryl Wolfe for State Representative District 11, MT 1,052 24.86%
  • Mark Swaney for State Representative District 90, AR 2,393 24.83%
  • Jack Lindblad for State Assembly District 39, CA 9,728 21.09%
  • Nicholas Payne for State Representative District 67, CT 1,366 20.34%
  • Rex D’Agostino for State Representative District 183, PA 3,482 19.1%
  • Mark Meyers for House of Delegates District 11, WV 768 19.06%
  • Cynthia Santiago for State Assembly District 51, CA 12,753 18.26%
  • Hugh Giordano for State Representative District 194, PA 3,547 18.1%
  • Lee Scott Laugenour for State Representative 4th Berkshire District, MA 2,483 18.0%
  • Kenneth Williams for State Representative District 29, IL 4,122 17.2%
  • Linda Macias for State Representative District 21, AZ 12,204 17.01%
  • Vince LaMie for State Representative District 105, IL 2,928 15.2%

Note the wide range of geographical locations, from Maine to California, Wisconsin to Arizona, Illinois, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Montana, and Arkansas.… Read more ...

Rich Whitney: A final campaign message to supporters

Dave Schwab at Green Party Watch:

From Illinois Green Party gubernatorial candidate Rich Whitney:

November 4, 2010 – 12:34 am

Don’t Lose Heart! Cause for Hope Amidst the Disappointment

A “Final” Campaign Message (But Read On!)
by Rich Whitney, 2010 Green Party Candidate for Governor

To the hundreds of people who supported me in my campaign for Governor, and to the roughly 100,000 or so who saw fit to vote for me, despite the politics of fear that swept Illinois this election season, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.… Read more ...

Green Party: best showings in state legislative races

Dave Schwab at Green Party Watch:

Despite having a number of promising campaigns for state legislature in various states, Greens fell short of victory in every race – a few by painfully close margins. However, one former Green running for state legislature as an independent in Maine did win.

In Maine, Fred Horch of Brunswick finished with 34% in District 66, just 4 points (or 200 votes) behind the victorious Democrat.… Read more ...

Illinois Green Party accuses Jeremy Karpen’s opponent Toni Berrios of illegally electioneering

We have reports from multiple precincts that Rep. Berrios is delivering pastries to election judges – which is technically legal – but the pastries are emblazoned with her campaign stickers – which is NOT. That’s illegal electioneering, and because of the way it’s being done, it’s easy to imagine why election judges might not be catching it.… Read more ...

Illinois Green Party live-blogging Election Day

Dave Schwab at Green Party Watch:

The Illinois Green Party is covering Election Day happenings with a live blog at their website. After it was revealed recently that Chicago voting machines were identifying Green Party gubernatorial candidate Rich Whitney as “Rich Whitey”, it should be interesting to read about any other “irregularities” that might occur.… Read more ...

Jeremy Karpen for IL State Rep supporter-made music videos and pre-election press release

Press release sent to contact.ipr@gmail.com:



Jeremy Karpen, jeremy@jeremykarpen.org, 773-930-9697
Bill Bianchi, State Coordinator, Progressive Democrats of America,
pdachicago@gmail.com, 773-935-3346
David Sacks, campaign manager, dave@jeremykarpen.org, (773) 557-9411

Green Party Candidate for 39th District State Representative Locks Incumbent Out of Major Endorsements

(CHICAGO) – Jeremy Karpen, Green Party candidate for 39th State Representative, has secured the endorsements of both major Chicago newspapers and other organizations and community leaders.… Read more ...

Illinois Green Party says voting problems show need for Green Party

from a Green Party of Illinois press release as posted at onthewilderside.com:

New Touch Screen Problems, Absentee Ballot Mess Further Evidence that Voters Need the Green Party

On the heels of “Whiteygate”, new problems have been reported with touch-screen voting machines in Chicago. This, coupled with a major voting rights issue involving absentee ballots, point to the need for serious electoral reform that won’t happen with Democratic officeholders, say Green Party leaders.… Read more ...

Ross Levin: ‘Three Green candidates that could seriously shake the boat in their states’

Ross Levin profiles Ben Manski, Hugh Giordano and Jeremy Karpen at Politics in the Zeros. Excerpt:

These are just the candidates that I know of from my work in the Green Party and what I can glean online. There are plenty of other strong Green candidates for state offices all over the country.

Read more ...

Green Change: ‘Help a Green who can defeat the Machine’

From Green Change via Dave Schwab at Green Party Watch:

Jeremy Karpen’s clean-money Green campaign for the IL State Assembly is poised to pull off an upset victory against his Chicago Machine opponent.

Jeremy and his volunteers have already knocked on 7,000 doors and made 3,000 phone calls. Jeremy has earned enthusiastic endorsements from leading newspapers, unions, and voter groups.… Read more ...

Green state rep. candidate Jeremy Karpen endorsed by Chicago Sun-Times

Posted below is the actual endorsement, along with a press release from the Jeremy Karpen campaign.

From the Sun-Times:

39th House District: Incumbent Democrat Rep. Maria Antonia “Toni” Berrios is known for not making waves; Springfield insiders say she does a decent job but nothing more. With an out-of-control state budget deficit and a distressed economy, that performance doesn’t cut it.

Read more ...

Green candidate for state rep. Jeremy Karpen endorsed by Chicago Teachers’ Union

From the Karpen campaign:

CHICAGO (September 29, 2010) - On Wednesday, the Chicago Teachers
Union (CTU) endorsed Jeremy Karpen, Green Party candidate for 39th
District State  Representative. The union based their support for
Karpen on their support of what the CTU called his "comprehensive plan
to improve state funding... including education," his support for an
elected school board, and his opposition to voucher programs.
Read more ...

Chicago Tribune endorses Green Jeremy Karpen in race for state legislature

A few items related to the endorsement – including the endorsement of Jeremy Karpen – are posted below.

From Green Party Watch:

CHICAGO (September 29, 2010) – This morning, the Chicago Tribune endorsed Jeremy Karpen, Green Party candidate for 39th District State Representative. The paper highlighted Karpen’s independence from politics-as-usual in Illinois, and slammed Democratic incumbent Maria “Toni” Berrios as a “loyal soldier protecting entrenched power in Springfield.”The

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