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Posts tagged as “Jeri Barr”

Latest Barr video: ‘The Time for Liberty’

The following YouTube video from the Bob Barr campaign was released late last night and announced today in a campaign e-mail from Jeri Barr. The video juxtaposes Barr media appearances, quotes from the historical figures, Libertarian National Convention video and archival footage of various conservative and libertarian leaders against iconic images of a government overgrown and antagonistic towards its own citizens.… Read more ...

Where’s Wayne? Bob Barr’s running mate nowhere to be found on campaign Web site

Since endorsing Bob Barr for the Libertarian Party’s presidential nomination, and then receiving Barr’s endorsement and subsequent nomination for vice president, Wayne Allyn Root has been nearly invisible within the high-profile — by Libertarian standards, at least — presidential campaign.

Today, the Barr Web site debuted a new splash page in which Barr is standing side-by-side, not with his running mate, but with his mate — his wife, Jeri Barr.… Read more ...