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Posts tagged as “jerry wilson”

Oregon Progressive Party Nominates Candidates, Skips Gubernatorial Race

Richard Winger reports at Ballot Access News:

The ballot-qualified Progressive Party of Oregon held a nominating convention on August 19, and nominated five congressional candidates, one nominee for state office, and two for partisan county office.  The nominee for State Office is Walt Brown, who is running for Treasurer. 

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OR Pacific Greens Fear Spoiling Race, Decline to Run Gubernatorial Candidate

Jeff Mapes of The Oregonian provides some interesting news from the recent Pacific Green nominating convention in Oregon:

The Greens met in Portland on Saturday and discussed having Eugene resident Candy Neville run for governor.  Instead, it was decided that a “US Senate run was best for her,” according the minutes of the meeting.

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Soloflex Founder/CEO, Jerry Wilson, Progressive for Governor of Oregon: ‘Don’t fence me in’

Posted by Soloflex Founder/CEO, Jerry Wilson, Progressive for Governor of Oregon, at Viva La Revolucion:

I’ve thought for years that the borders of the Americas are not to keep people out but to keep people in – so they can be taxed to death.… Read more ...