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Dr. Tom Stevens announces plans to form Personal Freedom Party in New York

In IPR comments on a previous post, Dr. Tom Stevens writes

In light of the continued failure of the LP in New York, the Personal Freedom Party will be giving it a shot in 2014. They just adopted a platform which you can see at:

This assumes that the LPNY in fact failed to obtain the 50,000 votes in the race for Governor that are required to obtain ballot status.… Read more ...

New York Constitution Party nominee for Governor, Jan Johnson, presides at Obama Birther ‘trial’

Linda Bentley reports in the Sonoran News:

ATLAH, N.Y. – Dr. James David Manning has renamed Harlem “ATLAH,” a name “given to him by Almighty God” on Sept. 14, 1991, which means “the land where the people shall walk barefoot, because the land is holy ground.”

Manning got the world’s attention through his animated videos posted on YouTube condemning Obama, whom he refers to repeatedly as the “long-legged Mac Daddy,” which means “top pimp.”

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Jim Davidson: I met Obama at Columbia and told Wayne Root about it

In today’s article explaining why he would not be testifying at Rev. Manning’s Obama Birther ‘trial’, Wayne Root writes:

I explained to Pastor Manning the circumstances of any testimony I would provide: I am NOT a “birther.” I am not a fan of conspiracy theories. I actually think that wild conspiracy theories detract and discredit any serious attempt to ask legitimate questions about the background of our President.

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New Libertarian Shadow Cabinet appointments

Posted at shadowcabinet.us and emailed to contact.ipr@gmail.com. Reposted to IPR by Paulie.

Thomas L. Knapp

ST. LOUIS, April 10 — Thomas L. Knapp, libertarian presidential candidate and creator of the “Libertarian Shadow Cabinet” project, announced the appointment of three new cabinet officials — and his intent to separate the shadow cabinet project from his presidential campaign — this morning.… Read more ...

Boston Tea Party of Kansas: Send us Guantamo detainees

Contact: Jim Davidson
Posted to IPR by Paulie
Emailed to contact.ipr@gmail.com

Boston Tea Party of Kansas Says Send G’tmo Detainees

Lawrence, KS – 23 January 2009 – Today Boston Tea Party of Kansas chair Jim Davidson called on President Barack Obama’s commission to promptly resolve the fate of all Guantanamo detainees.… Read more ...

Debate on National Initiative for Democracy

At http://www.bostontea.us.
Posted to IPR by Paulie

Why I as a Libertarian support the NI4D by VTV (Neil Stephenson):

So I am a Libertarian. And I support the NI4D. Why is that?

First of all, let me begin by saying that I will not directly enact the NI4D if I were ever elected to Congress.

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Jim Davidson: Why two libertarian parties are better than one

Found on the Boston Tea Party website

Earlier this year, I was asked by my good friend Thomas Knapp to help him with a problem. He wanted to keep the Boston Tea Party going, but most of its national committee had gotten bored or left for other reasons. After some reflection, I concluded that it was a good thing to do.

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Radio: Paulie Cannoli, Todd Andrew Barnett, Jim Davidson and more

From Liberty Cap Talk Live

Liberty Cap Talk Live Episode 93: The GM Bailout, Obama’s Plan to Release Gitmo Detainees, Obama’s Cabinet Picks, and More In the ninety-third episode, Todd and Jim ask panelists Peace, Freedom, and Prosperity Movement founder James Cox, Next Free Voice blogger and Libertarian Party activist Paulie Cannoli, and Boston Tea Party of Kansas Chairman Jim Davidson and on Obama’s pick for his cabinet, the GM bailout, and Obama’s release of the Gitmo detainees.

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Boston Tea Party adopts Campaign for Liberty four point program, elects new officers

The Boston Tea Party is having its convention, as IPR previously reported. In the interest of disclosure, two of the at-large candidates (Tom Knapp and Neil Stephenson) also write for IPR.

Here is a press release from party founder Tom Knapp sent to contact.ipr@gmail.com on behalf of the party:

Midway into its second biennial convention — held entirely online — America’s new libertarian political party has chosen a new slate of national officers, adopted the program of “the Ron Paul R3VOLution,” and partially completed work on amendments to its bylaws.

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Boston Tea Party passes 500 members; will hold online convention Friday, October 24

BTP News reports

20 October 2009 We have 504 members! Please invite your friends. The convention is less than a week away!

19 October 2008 We have 493 members! Invite your friends, please. If someone you know is planning to attend our convention next weekend, they have to join here, first.

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Boston Tea Party Chairman: ‘Charles Jay is lying’

Boston Tea Party Chairman Jim Davidson has responded to the criticisms made by his party’s presidential candidate Charles Jay.

The internecine conflict has its roots in allegations of child molestation levied against one of the party’s many “favorite son” vice-presidential candidates, John Wayne Smith of Florida — who also happened to be the state party’s chairman.… Read more ...

Charles Jay slams BTP Chairman Jim Davidson; Florida BTP disaffiliates from national

“I didn’t involve myself in all of this to play in a sandbox with children,” says Charles Jay, in reference to internal disputes within the Boston Tea Party.

“This stuff is getting more ridiculous with each passing day,” Jay continues. “Apparently [National Chairman Jim] Davidson feels he has the right to monitor private conversations that take place between BTP Florida members, including those that exclusively concern my campaign, and has accused those who wish to speak freely with others as being ‘conspirators’ in a ‘secretive cabal.’… Read more ...