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American Conservative Party: ‘Now What?-the ACP in 2011’

Forwarded to IPR by Don Lake:

Last night was a fantastic night for America.

Record turnouts all over the country…a decided swing from the Progressive Democrats in the direction of the (mostly) Progressive Republicans.

There were a few that made it in, though, that might not play ball…Rand Paul from Kentucky, just might not work so well with the Big Government ruling class, and Jim Demint has proven he is willing to buck the status quo.… Read more ...

DeMint in bed with BP, takes money from foreign polluters, blocks BP probe, says Green US Senate candidate Clements

From Clements for Senate (H/T GPUS):

COLUMBIA, SC — U.S. Senate candidate Tom Clements of the S. C. Green Party condemned Jim DeMint’s acceptance of corporate donations from British Petroleum (BP), saying “DeMint’s taking money from BP shows he’s in bed with the dirty industry Congress is supposed to regulate. DeMint has sold out to the highest bidder and stands with polluting companies against the environment and working people.”… Read more ...

Tom Clements TV Commercials

Ronald Hardy at Green Party Watch:

Tom Clements, South Carolina Green Party candidate for US Senate, has put out three TV commercials:


“What has he done”

“Harmful Vision”

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Tom Clements Leading Alvin Greene In South Carolina Senate Race

A new poll is out on the three-way  (and a handful of write-ins) South Carolina Senate race. From The State on the Winthrop University poll:

U.S. Sen. Jim DeMint is poised to cruise to re-election, as 58 percent of poll respondents favor DeMint. But Green Party candidate Tom Clements of Columbia is preferred by 12 percent of voters, while Democratic Party nominee Alvin Greene is preferred by 11 percent of voters.
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Tom Clements talks jobs, cutting military spending, and unseating Republican incumbent to women educators

From SCNow.com (read the full thing here):

Green Party U.S. Senate candidate Tom Clements says he would like to see money that comes into South Carolina applied more responsibly to address South Carolina’s high jobless rate.Clements stopped in Florence on Thursday on his way to speak in Lamar at an event for Delta Kappa Gamma, an honor society for women educators.

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The Nation Profiles Tom Clements

John Nichols writes a glowing endorsement of Democrats voting for Green Party candidate Tom Clements in an upcoming issue of The Nation. After lamenting having Alvin Greene as the Democratic nominee, the author asks,

If only there was an alternative! If only there was a credible contender with a record of local, state and national activism, with a firm grasp of the issues, thoughtful progressive positions and an easygoing yet professional style.

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Tom Clements To Speak to Local Democratic Club

From The State:

Tom Clements, Green Party candidate for U.S. Senate, will speak to the Greater Irmo Democratic Club next month. It is, according to a news release, the first time the club will hear from a competing political party’s nominee…

 Clements, who lives in Columbia, is well-known among Democratic circles for his environmental work.

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Tom Clements Focusing on Demint as Threats Emerge on the Left

The staff of The State, a South Carolina newspaper, recently spoke with Green US Senate candidate Tom Clements. From the article:

“I do intend to focus on DeMint,” Clements said. “But I think it’s incumbent upon Alvin to present his positions and his views, and I will address them as necessary.

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SC: Green Party Senate Candidate Sees Opportunity in Democrat Greene’s Nomination

From the Post and Courier via TPID:

Will the controversial U.S. Senate candidacy of Democrat Alvin Greene open the door for the Green Party? Tom Clements hopes so. Clements decided to enter the race as a Green Party candidate before he knew who the Democrats would put up to face incumbent Republican Sen.… Read more ...

Tom Clements Gaining Traction Amid SC Democrats

Tom Clements, an environmental activist running for the US Senate in South Carolina, appears to have received a significant boon from the candidacy of Democrat Alvin Greene. Greene, you may recall, is the controversial unemployed veteran who unexpectedly won his primary to take on Republican Jim Demint and Clements in the general election.… Read more ...

Other Polls 9% in South Carolina Senate Race

Rasmussen Polls released a new poll on June 15th for the U.S. Senate race in South Carolina. The major party nominees are Jim Demint, the Republican incumbent, and Alvin Greene, the Democrat and political newcomer. Greene has attracted negative media because of a pending investigation concerning whether he did or did not show pornographic material to a female college student without her permission.… Read more ...

Conservatives and Socialists argue: Is Obama a socialist?

The latest volley between conservatives and socialists over whether or not President Obama is a socialist appeared in a March 14th opinion piece by Billy Wharton in the Washington Post. Billy Wharton is editor of the bimonthly publication, “The Socialist”, which is put out by Socialist Party USA. Wharton’s article examines Obama’s record, point-by-point, and determines, “Obama’s no socialist.… Read more ...