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California Libertarian gets more than a half million votes

California is still counting ballots, but one Libertarian candidate has already broken a record. Pam Brown, running for Lt. Governor has received more than 525,000 votes. Current totals as of November 13, 2010:

Gavin Newsom (Dem) 4,530,039
  Abel Maldonado (Rep) 3,548,727
  Jim King (AI) 170,635
  James “Jimi” Castillo (Grn) 144,603
  Pamela J.
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American Independent Party Factions Hold Rival State Conventions

The American Independent Party of California is split between two factions of activists. One faction supported Alan Keyes for President in 2008 and wants the AIP of California to be affiliated with the America’s Independent Party, a nationally organized third party organized around Keyes’ run for President. That faction held its state convention this weekend which reportedly attracted as many as 11 delegates, or as few as 9.… Read more ...

Jim King: ‘Amnesty-NO!…Border Control-YES!’

Opinion column posted at http://www.constitutionparty.com/news.php?aid=1222, on the national website of the Constitution Party. The site identifies the author as “Jim King, Candidate for Lt. Governor of California and properly elected Chairman of the American Independent Party of California.” The State of California government officially takes a different position on that last
part, and the matter is embroiled in court proceedings.
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Keyes retains California ballot position

The verdict is in: Alan Keyes will remain on the California ballot as the presidential candidate of the American Independent Party. A lawsuit brought forward by Jim King, Chairman of the AIP faction that met in Los Angeles last month to nominate Chuck Baldwin for President and maintain the state party’s affiliation with the Constitution Party, has been thrown on out on the grounds that Alan Keyes and his vice-presidential candidate Wiley Drake should have been parties to the lawsuit, since as candidates they were the ones bearing the burden of being removed from the ballot in court:

The Court recognizes that dismissal of the petition for nonjoinder will mean that Mr.

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Statement from AIP-CA chairman, Jim King

I just recieved a press release from the Constitution Party which cited the American Independent Party’s new chairman, Jim King, talking about Chuck Baldwin. Also, the amount of money raised during Baldwin’s five day trip to southern California.

“ Chuck Baldwin is the only presidential candidate who squares up on the issues most important to Americans”, noted newly-elected AIP state chairman Jim King.
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American Independent Party convention, and national affilliation

It was previously reported that the American Independent Party of California was attempting to disafilliate from the Constitution Party and ally with Alan Keyes‘ fledgling America’s Independent Party. This disafiliation atempt was being led by Edward Noonan and 3 other state central committeemembers. Noonan argued that they were the only legitimate members of the state central committee and therefor the only people who could make the decision on affilliation with a national entity and on presidential nominations.… Read more ...