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Alliance Party August 2020 Newsletter

The Alliance Party sent out the following newsletter today updating email subscribers on the latest party news for this month: 

We are in full swing with our campaign to get our Presidential Ticket on the ballot in as many states as possible. As expected, there are obstacles at every step, and we shall overcome most of them.… Read more ...

Jim Rex: Statement from the Alliance Party ‘Together, We Can Do This’

Alliance Party national chairman Jim Rex sent out the following statement today on George Floyd, an African American who died as a Minneapolis police officer restrained him with a knee on the back of his neck. 

Our hearts go out to the family and friends of George Floyd. As a Nation we mourn this tragic and indefensible loss of life and realize we must all allow this moment to be an opportunity to look more deeply at ourselves and into the soul of this nation.… Read more ...

Jim Rex: The Alliance Party Accelerates into the 2020 Election

Alliance Party National Chairman Jim Rex included the following statement in the party’s June newsletter. 

As the Alliance Party enters into its inaugural election year, the activity level of this new approach to politics is ramping up dramatically. As with any national movement, there are many things happening simultaneously.

First and foremost, of course, there is a growing list of outstanding local, state, and federal candidates signing up and being nominated across the Country.… Read more ...

Alliance Party Nominates 2020 Presidential Ticket of De La Fuente/Richardson

The Alliance Party held its first presidential nomination convention yesterday with participants on Zoom and livestreamed on YouTube.  The party nominated the ticket of businessman Rocky De La Fuente for president and historian Darcy Richardson for vice president.

Chairman Jim Rex, the former South Carolina Superintendent of Education, opened the convention. … Read more ...

2020 Alliance Party Presidential Nomination Convention

The livestream has now concluded.

The Alliance Party is currently holding its first presidential nomination convention live on YouTube.  It is considering nominating a ticket of businessman Rocky De La Fuente for President and historian Darcy Richardson for Vice President.  2014 independent U.S. Senate candidate and 2018 gubernatorial candidate Greg Orman of Kansas is the keynote speaker.… Read more ...

Darcy Richardson Discusses the Alliance Party

Historian Darcy Richardson, an IPR contributor, is still seeking the presidential nomination of the Reform Party, however, a new party in the works has grabbed his attention.

The Alliance Party, founded in 2018 with a merger of the American Moderates Party, the Modern Whig Party, the American Party of South Carolina, and later joined by the Independence Party of Minnesota, the American Alliance Party, and the Independent Party of Connecticut, plans to pick a presidential ticket April 25 in an online convention. Read more ...