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The Atlantic: “Cheat Sheet” profiles presidential candidates vying for third spot in 2016 race

The Atlantic has included potential and declared third-party and independent candidates in its “cheat sheet” of 2016 presidential candidates. As they explain, “this cheat sheet on the state of the presidential field will be periodically updated throughout the campaign season. Here’s how things look right now.”Read more ...

Washington Post: Jim Webb takes step toward independent presidential campaign

Washington Post:

Former senator Jim Webb of Virginia, who dropped out of the Democratic presidential primary in October, has hired a fundraiser to help him launch a possible independent bid for the presidency.

Sam Jones, who led fundraising efforts for a super PAC encouraging Vice President Biden to run for president, will help Webb decide whether he can afford a campaign.

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Christina Tobin to lead 2016 ballot access for Independent presidential candidate, rumored to be Jim Webb


On Christina Tobin’s Facebook page:

Did you know it takes almost one million signatures from registered voters to get on the ballot as Independent for POTUS in the United States? I worked as the 2008 National Ballot Access Coordinator for Indendent Presidential Candidate Ralph Nader successfully getting him on the ballot in 45 states plus D.C.

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Jim Webb Opinion Piece: America Needs an Independent Presidential Candidate

Jim Webb

Posted to the Washington Post

America needs an independent presidential candidate

By Jim Webb October 30

Jim Webb, a U.S. senator from Virginia from 2007 to 2013, ended his campaign for the Democratic nomination for president on Oct. 20.

The greatest trend in American politics does not involve the demographic differences that separate voters by ethnicity and age, although these are considerable, but that an increasing plurality of our citizens strongly dislikes both political parties as well as their entrenched leaders.… Read more ...