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Posts tagged as “Jobs and Education Party”

Mayor candidate Naked Cowboy receives press in Canada

Thank you to Elizabeth Benjamin who posted the link on her daily round-up at the Daily Politics.

(excerpt from) Edmonton Sun
Naked ambition
N.Y. icon reveals his mayoral campaign brief

…”I’m already mayor,” the Naked Cowboy said. “I’ve been in Times Square for 10 years representing the city of New York around the world.

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In NYC: Mayor Bloomberg creating an alternative ballot label

from Ballot Access News
Mayor Bloomberg Seeking Third Ballot Label

July 13th, 2009

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is petitioning for himself as the “Jobs and Education Party” candidate. As [this article by John Mariani] and this column by Elizabeth Benjamin in the Daily News explains, once a candidate is the nominee of two qualified parties, any independent petition for that same candidate does not create a separate line on the ballot.

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