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Raw Story: Silvestri Claims Nevada Libertarian Party ‘Infested with Idiots’

Joe Silvestri, Ididt

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November 24, 2013

The Chairman of the Libertarian Party of Nevada (LPN), Joseph P. Silvestri, recently announced that he “need[s] a break” from the “knuckleheads” who run the LPN.

“I have little hope that we shall see any quality activists lead the LPN this next cycle,” he writes.… Read more ...

Resignation of Kurt Brackob as Treasurer of Libertarian Party of Nevada

This letter was sent to me via email:

Please post to IPR:

I am hereby resigning my position as Treasurer of the Libertarian Party of Nevada due to what I consider to be the unethical behavior of Joseph Silvestri and his cronies who, fearing their imminent removal from office at the upcoming party convention, have devised a plan to bankrupt the Party treasury before relinquishing office.… Read more ...