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History of John Anderson’s 1980 Independent Presidential Candidacy About to be Published

from Ballot Access News
History of John B. Anderson’s 1980 Independent Presidential Candidacy About to be Published

May 30th, 2011

Jim Mason’s book “No Holding Back: the 1980 John B. Anderson Presidential Campaign” is about to be published, and can be pre-ordered at Amazon. This book is considerably longer than an earlier history about that campaign, “Diary of a Dark Horse.”

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John Anderson, independent presidential candidate in 1980, comments on today’s politics

An interesting column from Dennis Mikolay (the full thing can be read here):

Anderson received six percent of the vote, and while he didn’t get to move into the White House, he did mobilize thousands of student activists and encouraged a disillusioned nation to vote its conscience.

Some thirty years later, the American political climate is even more divided than it was in 1980, and much to Anderson’s dismay, the two major parties have become even more polarized.

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John Anderson Comments on Crist’s Possible Switch to Independent

With all of the recent rumors of Charlie Crist’s possible switch to Independent in the 2010 Senate race, the news has been speculating about how well he would do, polling and fundraising numbers aside. The Sun Sentinel newspaper in Florida has interviewed a number of figures in Florida about Crist’s possible switch to Independent.… Read more ...

Instant runoff voting in New Jersey

In light of the potential close three-way split (and there are nine other candidates in the race, too), three major newspapers have printed opinion pieces in favor of instant runoff voting.  The Times of Trenton – in Trenton, New Jersey – printed a piece by George Amick:

The good news is that there’s a simple way to fix the election system that would allow independents and third-party candidates to exercise their right as Americans to run for office, and allow their supporters to exercise their right to vote for them, without fear that they would help elect another candidate whom they might detest.

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News anchor Walter Cronkite dies at age 92: media notes John Anderson connection

Excerpt from MBO, Toronto:

CBS news anchor Walter Cronkite, whose warm, personal style helped define the television news and earned him the title of “most trusted man in America,” died Friday night [July 17, 2009] in his New York home surrounded by family. He was 92…

John Anderson, who mounted a serious presidential bid as an independent in 1980, briefly considered putting him on the ticket as running mate.

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Free and Equal Elections to sponsor Chicago launch of Amato book

Free & Equal Elections is sponsoring the Chicago launch of Theresa Amato’s new book Grand Illusion. The premier will be held at the Union League Club on Thursday, June 4. Amato will also be participating in a forum on Printer’s Row this Sunday.

Amato, who was the campaign manager for Ralph Nader’s 2000 & 2004 Presidential runs, presents a scathing indictment of the current state of ballot access in America in her new book.… Read more ...

Historical pockets of support for third party and independent candidates

It’s interesting to look back through past election results and see how some third party candidates for President have done really well in small pockets of the country. Either because their message resonated or because they had personal ties to a particular state or county. Whatever the case, it seems that under the right circumstances a large percentage of people in a small area can be convinced to embrace a minor party or independent candidate.… Read more ...