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New York City Mayor election is an eight-candidate race

from Ballot Access News
New York City Mayor Election Is an Eight-Candidate Race

October 11th, 2009

The November 3, 2009 New York city Mayoral ballot will include these eight candidates, in this ballot order: William C. Thompson (Dem., Working Families), Michael R. Bloomberg (Rep., Independence), Stephen Christopher (Conservative), Francisca “Frances” Villar (Party for Socialism and Liberation), Dan Fein (Socialist Workers), Billy Talen (Green), Jimmy McMillan (Rent is Too High), Joseph Dobrian (Libertarian).

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Libertarian Clifton’s NYC comptroller campaign profiled

The Queens Tribune today profiles New York City Libertarian comptroller candidate John Clifton, who said, “My heart will be in reducing the tax burden and spending burden on the City, and I will identify from the offices of the comptroller the abuses that are happening inside the mayor’s office and the City Council.… Read more ...