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Why I Ran: Reflections Of A Green Alderman

Posted on the Green Papers website (an official organ of the Green Party): 

August 13 | Posted by admin | DemocracyGreen Party

by John Halle
Former Green Party Alderman
New Haven, CT

first published by The Progressive Review

John Halle

John Halle

While many of us will shy away from the conversation, a lot of us would probably acknowledge that there needs to be discussion on the effectiveness of the strategies associated with anti-corporate politics.

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Left Establishment Censorship in the Age of Obama by John Halle

John Halle is a former Green Alderman from New Haven, Connecticut.  The full piece, excerpted below, appears in Dissident Voice.

Counterpoised to these brute force tactics, a more traditional and effective means of information management is to prevent positions judged unacceptable from finding their way into print in the first place.  

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