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John Jay Myers: My message For/To The Libertarian Party

The government incumbents and their media cheerleaders have already defined this year’s presidential debate for America. They have decided that it’s an epic throw down match between Obama and Romney, two candidates who could not possibly be any more different……yeah right.

The Libertarian Party candidates wont let the media frame the debate for them, they will not parrot the cliches, lies and platitudes of the other parties, they will not make people feel “comfortable” with the way things are, because they should not be comfortable.… Read more ...

John Jay Myers Elected Region Rep; Lee Wrights Alternate

In LNC region formation, my region which had previously combined the Southeastern states with California has been broken up. Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama formed a region which may or may not also include Arkansas and/or NM; Florida, Georgia and Tennessee formed a separate region. From what I have been told California, New York, Nevada and possibly some other states have also formed a region.… Read more ...

Ron Paul Radio is Revived with the Help of Third Party Members

On January 23, 2012, Ron Paul Radio started broadcasting as a source of information and discussion for the principles of liberty as taught by Congressman Ron Paul. It currently has 22 hosts and twenty different programs, discussing monetary policies, civil liberties, non-interventionism in foreign policy and other topics which pertain to the events and issues in this country.… Read more ...

Wes Wagner Plans to Run for Libertarian National Committee Chair

Oregon Libertarian Party chair Wes Wagner has announced in IPR comments that he intends on running for chair of the Libertarian National Committee (from IPR comments):

Well I finally did it. I figured it was time to pay my dues considering that I intend to go to Vegas and run against Mr.

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JJ Myers: If Timothy Mcveigh Succeeded

If Timothy McVeigh succeeded, then why don’t we apply our foreign policy on terror  to our home grown terrorists? Why don’t we allow China to cluster bomb Norman Oklahoma to weed out those who might do us harm? Why don’t we set up check points in Tulsa to search for suspicious activity?

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Libertarian John Jay Myers to open “The Free Man Cajun restaurant and Lounge”

From a media release sent to IPR by Libertarian activist John Jay Myers:

Dallas Texas, for immediate release:

Something must be up in Deep Ellum because just as Drowning Pool bassist Steve Benton leases the Boiler Room location, former Deep Ellum musician John Jay Myers will be reopening Sol’s Taco Lounge as “The Free Man”.… Read more ...

John Jay Myers, the Membership Director of the Libertarian Party talks about the Republican, Democratic and Libertarian Parties

Posted in the Dallas Monthly News, June 2011

John Jay Myers, the Membership Director of the Libertarian Party talks about the Republican, Democratic and Libertarian Parties

By Betsy Turner & Job Eliazer

john myersQ: What is the Libertarian Party?

A: The Libertarian Party is the 3rd largest political party in the United States.… Read more ...

List of Candidate Websites for the 2012 Libertarian Presidential Nomination

Informational Article: List of Websites of active candidates for the 2012 Libertarian Presidential Nomination:

James Libertarian Burns

Jim Duensing

Michael Jingozian

Roger V. Gary

R. J. Harris

Wayne Allyn Root

Lee Wrights

Submit updates via the comments and they will be added.

2012 websites that haven’t been updated in years:

Joy Waymire

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John Jay Myers@ Norml in DFW

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John Jay Myers: My Thoughts On the LNC (Or Off the LNC)

Posted as a note to Facebook early morning Sunday, April 17:

This weekend I was supposed to speak at the Mississippi Party’s State Convention, something I was looking forward to, but instead I made the trip to Washington D.C. to try and fill the slot that was left vacant on the Libertarian National Committee by my friend David Nolan.… Read more ...

Texas: John Jay Myers ‘Hired’ as LPTX Membership Director

From the Libertarian Party of Texas on April 10:

Fellow North Texas Libertarians, yesterday the TXSLEC voted to bring me on board as the new Membership Director for the State of Texas!


My wife and our production manager will continue to run ClearSky24.com (my business) while I try to greatly increase the membership and activism in the state party.… Read more ...

John Jay Myers: An Open Letter to Democrats

So you are feeling a little let down? You probably voted for Democrats because you were tired of the endless wars, Gitmo, torture, the Patriot Act and the bad name the Republicans were giving the United States. We are disappointed too.

But come to find out the Democrats have now escalated our current wars, and started new ones.… Read more ...