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Ron Paul Wins an Electoral Vote

File:Ron Paul, official Congressional photo portrait, 2007.jpg

The Libertarian Party’s 1988 presidential nominee Ron Paul received an electoral vote today from a faithless Texas elector as the Electoral College met to officially elect Donald Trump the next president.

Paul, a former Republican Congressman who twice ran for president as a Republican, left the party in 2015 and changed his registration back to the Libertarian Party.  … Read more ...

Plunderbund: Kasich Dodges Another Bullet In Judge’s Order to Dismiss Charlie Earl’s Case

LP Ohio

March 1, 2016
by John Michael Spinelli

More than any other news group, Plunderbund has covered the legal case against Camp Kasich, filed by the Libertarian Party of Ohio [LPO] who saw its candidate for governor two years ago tossed off the primary ballot through a scheme that involved long-time political operatives spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to find a protester who could challenge signatures on party petitions.… Read more ...

Ohio LP: Kasich defends Medicaid expansion; the LPO begs to differ

Libertarian Party of Ohio

Press release

June 3, 2013

COLUMBUS—Ohio Governor John Kasich has published an op-ed in USA Today titled “Reagan’s compassionate Medicaid expansion.” In it, Kasich attempts to sell fiscal conservatives on a health care scheme that would saddle Ohio taxpayers with a looming fiscal disaster and threaten the quality of health care for everyone.… Read more ...

UPDATED: Ohio: General Assembly violates US Constitution

UPDATE: Added explanatory material:

The Ohio House passed a version that would require petitioning at 1% of the most recent vote for governor or president to be submitted by 90 days before a primary election.  The Ohio Senate passed a version that would require petitioning at 1/4% of the most recent vote for governor or president to be submitted by 100 days before a primary election and an additional 1/4% by 90 days before a primary election.

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Libertarian Party of Ohio on their progress

Emailed to contact.ipr@gmail.com:


Republicans won the 2010 mid-term elections based primarily on a huge resurgence of public interest in Libertarian platforms of smaller government involvement and common sense fiscal conservatism. While the tidal wave of Republican enthusiasm has swept the GOP back into power, they weren’t the only party to make significant gains on Tuesday, states the Libertarian Party of Ohio’s Political Director Michael Johnston.… Read more ...

Dennis Spisak Calls for Inclusive OH Gubernatorial Debates

Cincinatti’s CityBeat has provided a soapbox for Green gubernatorial candidate Dennis Spisak to speak out on the recent decision to exclude minor party candidates from two upcoming televised debates. At the present time, only Democrat Ted Strickland and Republican John Kasich will participate. The article quotes Spisak as saying,

As the Green Party nominee for Ohio governor, I think it’s a sham that myself and the Libertarian candidate for governor are not invited to the debates,” Spisak said in a prepared statement.

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Ohio: Libertarian Party – Small Government, Big Ideas

From a letter to the editor of the Sandusky Register via TPID:

I’m sure John Kasich is a great speaker. Plug your ears and watch. Here is what I know of him. He was a long time politician and elected eight times. He was the managing director of the Columbus investment banking division of Lehman Brothers, paid $587,000 salary, bonus and other benefits.… Read more ...