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American nazi parties: Bill White convicted on 4 of 7 counts; other factions squabble among themselves

For background, see American National Socialist Workers Party commander Bill White on trial in federal court for intimidation. WSLS reports:

Self-proclaimed white supremacist Bill White is convicted on four of the seven charges against him and is acquitted of the remaining three.

A federal jury found White guilty of three counts that he made threats to harm particular people.… Read more ...

College columnist surveys third-party candidates

In his column in The Lantern, the Ohio State University newspaper, Travis Schulze offers a brief survey of alternative presidential candidates running this year. Schulze leads with Constitution Party nominee Chuck Baldwin, whose “campaign centers on a return to the Constitution. He calls for an immediate withdrawal of the U.S.… Read more ...

National Socialist candidate launches website

Brian Holland, the presidential nominee of the National Socialist Movement, has just launched his under-construction campaign website with the following message:

Brian Holland is an American Patriot and a National Socialist. Brian has one principle goal, that goal is to bring hope to American Patriots. Once there is hope, the battle is already half won!

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