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Frank Fluckiger: Stand with the Constitution Party in the Fight for Ballot Access Across America

Published on the Constitution Party’s Facebook page on September 13, 2013: 

Dear Friend of the Constitution Party:

The New York City Board of Elections recently disqualified three independent candidates for Mayor because they did not have enough valid signatures on their petitions to be included on the ballot.… Read more ...

Final numbers: Jon Barrie, New Mexico’s Independent US Senate candidate

New Mexico’s Jon Barrie started out his quixotic US Senate campaign in the Summer trying to get on the ballot by securing the necessary 6000 signatures (Democrats and Republicans need only 2000).  Barrie turned in 10,000+ but was told by the GOP Secretary of State he fell 277 short.… Read more ...

Polls for Three Western U.S. Senate Races Show Alternative Party Nominees Holding Balance of Power

Ballot Access News:

Recently, a poll of the Montana U.S. Senate race showed these results: Tester (Dem. incumbent) 44%, Rehberg (Republican) 42%, Cox (Libertarian) 8%, undecided 6%.

A poll of the Nevada U.S. Senate race showed: Heller (Rep. incumbent) 47%, Berkeley (Democrat) 44%, Vanderbeek (Independent American) 4%, other or undecided 5%.

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